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The quality of the floor in any given property plays a vital role in determining value. It is also one of the spaces in which homeowners can exercise creativity and enhance the look of the house.

How to increase property value with new flooring AllOntarioOf essential consideration is the fact that the floor is equally costly and needs constant car unlike many other attachments on the building. Good care of the floor includes ensuring that residents stay safe and that the floor doesn’t cause harm.

The floor requires quite a tidy amount of investment. The materials you choose for your floor also determine the value you attach to it. New, well-polished quality flooring can be instrumental in raising the value of your home. You can use the following guidelines to add value and increase the price of your property.

Play around with floor designs

Floor designs have played a vital role in the value of your property. A lot of thought should be given to elements such as color, materials, shapes, arrangement and so on.

For example, tiles are a good way to modernize your home and they are quite affordable. Therefore if tiles’ colors and shapes are properly organized, they bring out a beautiful layout. Try to combine your floor design in such a way that it complements the wall and even the ceiling.

If you choose a material such as wood, make sure the colors also seamlessly correspond with the ceiling and the walls. Buyers are impressed by designs that enhance and add value to every space in the house.

How to increase property value with new flooring AllOntarioModernity vs. old style

The choice of modern styling or older floor design is a choice that property owners have to make. The bottom line should be that the floor achieves a given objective and goes along very well with the rest of the house.

An old house can be nicely updated with modern flooring. This means undertaking an overhaul of the entire floor or some of the parts that are severely worn out. On the other hand, a modern house can be greatly enhanced with a flooring style from days gone by. Old style floor designs done with a modern touch enrich the look of the floor.

Build flooring with room traffic in mind

No other space in the house takes as much load as the floor. Both light and heavy items are placed on the floor, which effectively contributes to its wear and tear.

To increase the value of your property, build the floor with room traffic in mind. In other words, consider the various uses of particular rooms. For instance, bedrooms will carry loads of items such as tables, beds and wardrobes. The kitchen will carry the sink, cabinets and so on.

It is possible to build a uniform floor for the entire house, and this is the common practice. However, if you want to enhance the look, the feel and functionality of your floor, give consideration to various functions of the house.

How to increase property value with new flooringEnsure quality work

This one perhaps needs no explanation but it is an important element. No matter how beautiful or pricey the flooring material is, if quality work is not done, there will be problems sooner or later. Quality installations last longer and ensure that you don’t encounter unnecessary expenses in frequent repairs.

Engaging professionals in your flooring needs is the surest way of achieving the desired outcome. Walk with professionals through the entire process for impressive outcome.

Be creative: The floor is a blank canvas

There are several choices in regards to what you can do with your floor. The important thing is to visualize what you desire to achieve in the end. Involving a professional in the process can significantly influence your decision and even help you make the right choices.

Go for practicality

Unlike any other space in any construction, the floor must serve a practical purpose. This informs the decision to have different floor types for various rooms within a property. For instance, the kitchen and the bathroom are spaces where water handling must be taken care of. This means you must choose a floor that is easy to dry and clean up frequently. This also applies to a children’s playroom where safety is a huge concern.

In case you have a sporting room or a gym, the floor needs will be significantly different from other rooms, hence the need to understand what floor suits various spaces.


The flooring of your house can make or break a sale deal for your property. Buyers place a high value on the quality and state of the floor. One of the approaches you can use is renovating your floor to increase the value and give it a new look. If this is an expensive exercise for you, you may then consider giving the potential buyer a discount to cater for the worn-out spaces.

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