How to share your content on G+

How to share your content on Google Plus
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In the Internet marketing world, it’s a proven fact that search engines take social media content shares into great consideration when ranking your website in their search results. The more social media shares your content is getting, the more chances to be pushed up in the search engine rankings.

If we ask you, which search engine comes first in your mind, we bet that in 99.9% your answer would be “Google”. Because that’s where people go when they want to search for something. No doubts Google is the main game in town. Given the fact that G+ is indeed GOOGLE, what role does the search giant play in getting your business found online? And we are talking business here. So, you have to fish where the fish are.

The question is: Where to invest your time? Our answer would be: consider G+ first

In social media marketing, one of the biggest challenges is determining where to invest your time. What’s worse, the constantly changing search engine algorithms and social ecosystem means the strategy that was right a year ago may no longer be right today.

Your posts on G+ are visible in Google organic search

Each and every post on Google+ has its own unique URL allowing the post to be indexed like a normal webpage. Your G+ posts receive higher visibility than the posts from any other social media. Google authorship has a direct impact on the search results you see on Google.

Anyone can see your publicly shared G+ posts

Google Plus posts that you share with public can be viewed by anyone. They are indexed by Google for free. There is no need to register or login to a social media account. Does Facebook index your posts into a search engine? Absolutely not! Moreover, you have to pay to reach people who have already said they want to see your posts. Facebook shows what you post to the most engaged fans only. No kidding! Check your “Reach”!

Share high quality content with a specific keyword

The only food for the search engines is a WORD. Nothing else but words. Use the appropriate keywords for your G+ post and use them properly. Google Plus is all about the quality of the content you share. The content has to be relevant, recent and accurate. So, consider professional content writing. … And if it’s not your cup of tea, ask SEO professionals.

Investing into your future

Your posts on Google Plus have significant long-term advantage: by sharing your content on G+ you are making the best investments in your future business success.

Stay active

Be active and creative. Share your content on regular basis. Add influential people and pages to your circles. Do “+1” and comment on other people’s posts and the +1s will come! The more activity and engagement you receive on your content, the better Google treats you in search results!

Make your G+ button prominent

Make sure to connect your G+ page with your website. It would be much easier for people to share your content if you include a G+ sharing button on your website.

G+ doesn’t like auto-posting

G+ is “live”. When someone publishes their post, you know that they are there. Google+ only allows you to post to either circles or to a community. You cannot share to Communities AND Circles AND Individuals at the same time. G+ is avoiding auto-posting content, considering it to be of low value to its users

One more thing!

Great mobile applications: integrating with other platforms like Google Map, YouTube and Gmail is another good way to get exposure via Google+.

And more!

It’s FREE! You shouldn’t have to pay a penny. And it’s free of any ads! Have you noticed that?

Google+ is Google. Period!

If you have any questions about your social media marketing, you can always contact SEO Republic for precise assistance and professional services.

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