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Working from home affects everyone’s lives, from how we work every day, how much time we spend socializing via digital channels, and of course, if we have the energy to even get our exercise regime going. What may seem on the surface like the perfect opportunity to get plenty of rest and work out regularly is becoming an ongoing source of stress and tension. We’re flooded by bad news, we’re in extremely close quarters with our family members, and we wait in long lines in sizzling heat, wearing gloves and masks to get our weekly food supply.

How to stay fit working from home AllOntarioChores that normally take less than an hour now take at least two, and it’s no wonder people are at their wits’ end, with no desire to pick up their jump rope or dumbbells. Well, all is not so gloomy, especially when you tackle the situation from a strategic viewpoint. To make the most of your quarantine, here are a few essential rules to keep you going and help you stay fit.

Start your morning with light activities

Working from home has too many people wake up ten minutes before their shift starts and pick up their laptop without ever leaving the bed. This is far from a healthy way to start your day, and you’ll likely feel lazy well after your work is finished. So, to prevent low energy levels and suddenly finding excuses to avoid working out, you should start your day with a simple, brief workout to wake up properly, get your body moving, your blood pumping, and boost your mood.

Take active breaks

If you belong in the majority of people who now work from home, you need to establish the right structure from day one. For starters, you should schedule breaks for regular meals, but also take the time to walk around the house, play with your pooch, or simply do a few bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups, and pullups, to activate your entire body.

These short breaks might not take up too much of your time, but they’ll actually boost your energy for work, elevate your mood, and help you stay in excellent shape!

How to stay fit working from home AllOntarioKeep your energy levels workout-perfect

Fitness enthusiasts often find it equally difficult to keep up with home workouts simply because the current situation can be a drain on your energy and really affect your zeal. In fact, this is exactly when most people stray in terms of their nutrition, and it’s actually essential to keep up with your diet plan and stay true to your nutrition goals so that you can optimize your energy levels for regular workouts.

With the help of a quality pre workout supplement at hand, you can continue training at top performance and not feel exhausted. Just make sure that you choose the right ingredients, such as caffeine or TeaCrine to fuel your body, and you’ll be ready to tackle any physical challenge!

Make use of your home exercise gear

Full-body workouts are a huge hit and easy to alternate regularly, especially if you have a few basic pieces of equipment such as a few dumbbells at your disposal. This is the perfect moment to try out that complete dumbbell workout routine you’ve been putting off, and to finally put those dumbbells to good use! You can create your own workout program when you have access to such gear, and you can easily switch from one exercise to another to keep your entire body active.

Try a new online class

If you already feel bored and not really inspired by your regular routine, even if it’s home-friendly, you can try a number of online fitness classes that many trainers are offering nowadays. For example, dance classes can be a great way to improve your posture, stamina, endurance, but also bring some joy to your home. Of course, you can always try HIIT workouts, yoga, and pilates and mix things up regularly to keep yourself motivated.

How to stay fit working from home AllOntarioTake soothing, solitary walks

One of the more recent rules in Ontario to ensure social distancing includes access restrictions to parks, which means that you will need to stay informed and take walks when and where appropriate in your neighborhood. This may be a light form of exercise, but a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, spend some time in the sun, and keep your muscles working.

End your day with stretches

In addition to proper nutrition and regular exercise, we all know that quality sleep has a powerful impact on our immune system and our energy levels. That’s why evening stretching just before bedtime is a good strategy for improving your sleep quality, preventing aches and pains, and of course, keeping your body in good shape during self-quarantine.

Regular stretching will also help your body recover more easily and quickly from your strenuous workouts, and thus help you go back to training sooner rather than later.

This is a difficult time for all of us, and we will definitely need to find a wide array of coping mechanisms to keep our health in order, our physical and mental wellbeing especially. Regular exercise and physical activity will help keep your immune system strong and resilient, which will in turn help you during the pandemic. So, keep working on your health and stay fit with these simple, but effective tips until we can all go back to our regular fitness routines.

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