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Let’s be honest, we all believe in mantra ‘dress to impress’, irrespective of the season, all we want is to end up looking the best we can. Your clothing choices do matter but what matters more is how you style them.

How to Stay Warm and Stylish in Colder Days of winter?When it comes to winter, it is the season that tests your styling capabilities more. All you want is to stay warm and cozy yet look chic in modest formal dresses or an informal or casual outfit. In a struggle to keep intact your fashionista-self and stay warm simultaneously, you might look for the techniques that will help you out, so here we are at your service! Here are some tips that will help you satisfy your ‘style buds’:

Layering Your Outfit:

Layering is what helps the most to stay warm in winter. The basic layer is always a thermal shirt and a thermal trouser. Besides, you can wear a turtle, a high neck, a sweater, beneath your blazer, coat or jacket. Other than that, you can always wear a pair of pants with your skirt, which enhances the shape and beauty of your skirt. Try wearing light blue, black or white pair of pants as they go with every kind or skirts either embellished, printed or of solid colors. Layering helps you use your clothes that you don’t prefer being visible and are uselessly lingering in your wardrobe. Give your wardrobe and a keen cleaning and take out your old sweaters and high necks and layer them with your recently brought and trendy shirts, skirts and trousers to stay warm while keeping your stylish persona intact, simultaneously.

How to Stay Warm and Stylish in Colder Days of winter? AllOntarioOver-Sized Clothing:

Over-sized clothing items are such a blessing in winters. They do not only enable you to wear a number of other sweaters beneath but also flattering to your outlook. You can go on adding layers of clothing without ending up looking like a snowman. Plus, they are never out of fashion. You can wear and over-sized thigh-length seater with a skin-tight pair of pants or ribbed jeans. What not to do while choosing over-sized clothing is that you cannot wear a baggy sweater with a bell-bottom pair of pants because it will neither highlight your sweater or your pants, so the rule is one over-sized piece of clothing at a time. Prefer choosing monochrome with neutral-colored sweaters because they can be paired with almost every kind of accessories or piece of clothing, thus making your outfit look effortlessly voguish.

The Boots:

Believe it or not, boots are real head turners at times. The warmer your feet are the better you carry your outfit. Focus on boots and what piece of clothing you should pair them with. For example, if you have knee-length boots, wear them with a short dress as a mini denim skirt. They will not just keep you warm but will also steal the limelight. Similarly, wear ankle boots with cuffed pants or tights, and sneakers with a regular pair of pants. Choose your shoes wisely!

How to Stay Warm and Stylish in Colder Days of winter? AllOntarioAccessories:

Accessorizing your outfit to stay warm is always the best option. If you don’t like turtle necks or high necks, consider using woolen scarfs or fur neck collars. They always highlight the beauty of your outfit. Furs are always the best option that gives you an elegant appearance. Do keep fur mufflers and neck collars in basic solid colors in your wardrobe. Wearing fur gloves are also an option that you should consider. Wear some chic hats to protect your ears and head from chilly winds. Beanie hats and pompom hats go with almost every kind of outfit, therefore, buy two or three of them to pair with all your attires.

Gear up for winter by rearranging your wardrobe, keeping our suggestions in mind. The best fashion advice your winter, in particular, is to choose what makes you feel comfortable and keep your warms, and style it in a voguish way. Experiment with your outfits by accessorizing them with trendy mufflers, hats or gloves, keeping in view the color combination strategies. No matter what the season is, keep your outfits at fleek because they are the embodiment of your taste and sense of style. Let your elegance and beauty be at its best this winter!

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