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Fashion is considered a trend evolving with the passage of time. It is not just an affair of dressing yourself, but also to look perfectly impeccable and elegant. Your looks are perceived as an image to your inner tranquility and self-image. Although, fashion changes with time to an extent that one is not able to keep the track but the critical aspects of dressing is the etiquette which remains constant. Your everyday looks might be just a reflection of your personality, but preparing yourself for a special occasion is another cumbersome activity. Modest formal dresses are more in demand these days as compared to the glittery and flashy outfits which don’t consider the comfort of the user. Obviously, your aim will be to look astonishing at your sister’s wedding or your best friend’s bachelor party, but never forget to uplift your inner self by exemplifying grace and simplicity of your personality.

How to Style Simple yet Elegant Look for Special Occasion?This article will walk you through some of the secrets of which separate a graceful individual from chic and artificial looks that are not appealing to anyone. When the unique styles will merge with the sophistication of your personality, it will be a night to remember for everyone present at the occasion.

Crisp Clothing:

A lot of people work hard to find the perfect dresses and accessories but overlook a trivial detail of properly pressing your clothes so it free from wrinkles and dirt. Try to use starch to give your clothes a smooth and crisp appearance. Starch is also useful to protect your dress from stains and sweat which finds a way to stick to your clothes.

Significance of Black and White:

Black and white are the universal colors of sophistication. They convey a feeling of elegance and smartness in one’s personality. Moreover, you will not be troubled to look for different colors and dresses that are confusing. Special consideration should be that you try on your dress before buying it. Don’t buy a white dress if you are going on a wedding as it might coincide with the bride’s dress which is against the general rules of etiquettes. Black and white look perfect with shimmery makeup and elegant accessories. Combining golden jewelry with a white will uplift your overall appearance and pairing black with silver is a perfect recipe for an evening party.

How to Style Simple yet Elegant Look for Special Occasion? AllOntarioCombination of tucked shirt and waist belt:

You can transform your casual everyday outfit with a classier one by just one step that is tucking up your shirt. A well-tucked shirt will make you look more formal and you can work with just trivial combinations of blouses, skirts, jeans, and sweaters as well.

A belt on the waist will not only give you a more slick and formal look but will also keep your posture in check. You can wear a belt even if you are wearing a gown or a long dress to highlight your midsection. Waist belt combined with your tucked shirt will also formalize your looks.

The prominence of hairstyle:

Your overall look will have a negative impact if you ignore the most important detailing of your personality which is your hair. The colors, fabrics, and accessories will be a valuable addition into your style but the hairstyle carries significant value as it can alter your appearance in a lot of prominent ways. The best way to look classy and sophisticated is to spend a little bit more time and effort into styling your hair which is suitable to your face cut and you are confident to carry that hairstyle with elegance.

How to Style Simple yet Elegant Look for Special Occasion?Embellished Dresses:

The common perception for dressing for an occasion is that it should look lively and ostentatious. The best option here is to look for dresses which are focused on the details and look tidy instead of flashing beads that are out of control. The trend of wearing embellished dress is something which becomes a fade with the passage of time. Another drawback to this idea is that these dresses are expensive than the others and cannot be useful after the occasion for any night-outs or causal events. The most comfortable style which never fails is the use of a black dress. You can experiment on different cuts, length and necklines to make them unique. An array of pearls with the neckline will give the dress an exquisite look without overdoing it.

Color and Material of Clothes:

When you are on your way to the shopping mall and choosing the best outfit for an evening party, the better option is to go for a structured print instead of clothing with bright colors and bigger boxes as they will not suit the overall attire of the occasion. A lot of people fall prey into the ongoing trends of clothing but you should make sure you bring your own personality into your dress as well. You can choose your comfort for the color and ways in which a dress is presented to you.

Clutches to carry essentials:

Women always prefer a boxy bag with plenty of space which is suitable for your daily activities. Structured bags and clutches with a comparatively smaller size will be enough for you to keep your essential items for any touch-ups and makeovers. Evening clutches can be different from an afternoon event. Make sure you try to carry your clutch before the occasion when you are trying your dress.

How to Style Simple yet Elegant Look for Special Occasion?Silver & Golden Jewelry:

A special occasion requires formal attire and accessories which are not flashy and flamboyant. A few silver classic pieces or mild golden jewelry will enhance your overall appearance. Try to avoid wearing silver and gold together as they have the opposite color and style tones. Instead of matching color accessories with your dress, an elegant piece of bracelet, necklace, and earrings will cover your body with style.


The special occasions in your life are memorable and often very few parties carry a life-long significance for yourself. The addition of elegance and styling yourself in a way that everyone around you has an admiring glimpse on you is a satisfying notion. A lot of people consider adopting the popular fashion statements but it will be of no use if you are not able to represent yourself with class and confidence. Your inner self is the key to your success in the field of looks along with the above-mentioned brushing tips for your makeover.

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