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he living room is probably the most frequently used area of any house or condo apartment. That’s why designing and implementing a lighting scheme is not always easy. This is especially acute in homes where there are children and the living room often doubles as a dining area and playground. When you relax after work to watch TV you need different lighting than what you employ when your kids have the run of the place.

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This is why we recommend pot lights as the ideal solution to a living room – you can place them in clusters or patterns around the living room, connect them to dimmers in groups and use them differently for producing any lighting scheme that you require at the moment.

In this article we will run you through a few common living room lighting design ideas involving potlights, so you can discover the amazing options of this great and useful light fixture. Keep in mind that those several lighting designs are not necessarily a choice you need to make between – you can usually install any combinations of them and toggle between them for different effect. Here we go:

The Perimeter Lighting.

In this lighting scheme potlights are placed along the walls in a rectangle or circle with their beams directed downwards, tilted gently towards the center of the living room. This is great for a cocktail party or a friends get together, when people mostly stand and mingle, because it spreads soft, even lighting around the room, making the bar and appetizer stations visible and easy to use, contributing to a general feeling of a friendly and welcoming space. A slight dimming of the lights in this setting will allow using the space as a dance floor by creating a slightly darker area in the middle.

Lit Walls.

This is a variation of the previous living room lighting idea. It is achieved by introducing a minor adjustment to the same rectangular/perimeter positioning of potlights along the walls. The adjustment is that the beams are directed outward, creating well lit areas on the walls and flooding the room with light as it is reflected from them. The atmosphere this creates is energizing, and the positioning of the lights can emphasize artwork to enhance the beauty of the decor.

Middle Lights Pointing Outward.

In this living room lighting design, the potlights are installed near the middle of the ceiling in a relatively tight pattern (often circular or rectangular, depending on the room design and features in it). They are directed so they throw light downwards and outwards, creating a well of light in the middle of the room but still spreading enough light to the edges. This living room lighting idea is perfect for when the area is used as a playground or for kids parties. Most of the activity in such occasions usually concentrates around the middle of the room and this way everything is perfectly lit and safe.

Middle Lights Pointing Down.

Similarly to the previous idea, the lights are positioned directly above the center of the room, but the beams are pointed straight down. Bring set the table for the guests and bring out the turkey. Perfect for when you have a family meal and everyone is seated around a table.The room itself is darkened but the table is flooded with light and so are the seated guests, making it a perfect lighting for conversation and toasting, bringing people closer together.

There are many more variations of living room lighting designs exist and can be explored, using combined patterns, stylish colored lamp bulbs and other clever methods, but his should send you in the right direction of designing your own custom pot light design.

For a free estimate and a whole lot more great ideas and solutions, contact Mr. Potlight today and you will be sure to get the best in price and value. We can transform your living room and introduce a vibrant new feeling to your entire home.

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