If You Permit Somebody to Drive Your Car without Insurance

If You Permit Somebody to Drive Your Car without Insurance
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The topic of this article is “permit somebody to drive your vehicle without insurance”.

Everybody knows that in Ontario driving a car without insurance is a violation of the law. Normally, when for any reason you cannot afford to insure your vehicle, you leave it in the garage or an outside parking lot waiting for better times to come.

In some situations, if you forget to leave the keys in a safe place then anybody around maybe tempted to use the car for a short drive. Or maybe a friend of yours or any member of your family convinces you to allow them to take your car that is not insured to the nearest corner store for a fast shopping.

Beware! If a police officer stops that person while driving your uninsured vehicle you are heading into a big problem.

First, if you receive a call from the Police to confirm that you lent the vehicle to that person, you will be charge with section 2(1) (b) of the Compulsory Insurance Act of Ontario: “no person shall cause or permit the motor vehicle to be operated on a highway unless the motor vehicle is insured under a contract of automobile insurance”

Second, if you denied that you lent the car, a friend or a member of the family will be charged for stealing the vehicle.

Now you have to make a decision:

  • If you accept that you allowed the person to use the uninsured vehicle, you will be served a summons (court attendance notice) to appear in court to defend the charge which carries a fine no less than $ 5,000 and no more than $ 25,000. Imagine how slim your future chances to have an affordable auto insurance would be if you are found guilty of the offence.
  • If you deny that you allowed the person to use your uninsured vehicle, then a summons will be served to that person.

In order to avoid unnecessary problems, always be careful, but if you find yourself in this mess do not wait – call or email us and we will consider the best options to limit the damage.

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