Importance of Hiring a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Toronto

Toronto sexual assault lawyer

Sexual assault is among the most odious and disgusting acts that have strong punishment in almost every part of the world. The laws have been changed and now, the convicted person will have to face long imprisonment along with getting into the sexual offender registry.

If you are wrongly convicted for sexual assault or any other sexual offence, then you should immediately hire an experienced Toronto sexual assault lawyer so as to avoid potential punishment. Yes, it’s true that this conviction will not only affect your personality but will also affect your future.

By taking DNA examination, most of the people think that if it is positive then your case is over and you are guilty for accusation, though, reality is far beyond this concept. First of all, sexual assault isn’t the only reason of having your DNA in someone else’s body and secondly, you can challenge the DNA testing whenever you want in the trial. You can even claim that the test has been taking without the consent of accused person and the court should not consider its result. Being an expert sexual offence lawyer, Ernst Ashurov always carefully reviews every case and try to collect as many defending evidences as he can so that he can explain different physical evidences and lead to the exclusion.

Moreover, sexual interaction does not always prove sexual assault it might even be with the consent of the accused person but yes, if it is done without consent, then it is a serious offence. Even if the consent is not expressive, the accused cannot prove it and should have to believe in his/her mistake that will result in the discharge of convicted person. Ernst Ashurov, an experience sexual assault lawyer Toronto, has capability to present different evidences that will prove whether the interaction has been done with consent or the accused or not.

In most of the cases, it has been necessary to find a professional sexual offence lawyer because they need to prove the reliability and credibility of accused person. For this, prosecutions conduct many cross sessions with witnesses and try to reveal hidden outright lies, inconsistencies and implausibility. Ernst Ashurov has personally dealt with such cases and collected a lot of secrets about his cases. He has done many cross examinations, confronted accused with their past statements and showed previous evidences given in the preliminary hearing- just to reveal the truth.

Ernst Ashurov always strives to find out actual reasons behind alleged victim’s false statements and tries his level best to prove that why their words should be given importance. There have been some cases, where mistake identification also created problems, while there are some that involve uncovering of fabricated evidence. Being a neutral party, the court will hear explanation from both parties and even think of the fact that why the alleged person can willingly present oneself for open cross examination about sexual assault and what if the defense proves that there is not any sexual assault happened.

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