Incorporating Your Business

Incorporating Your Business
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A corporation is a legal entity that separates the business from their owner/operator. You can choose to incorporate federally or provincially and each option comes with own advantages and disadvantages.

Find information on how to incorporate your business provincially or federally. You should review your options carefully because the type of incorporating you choose will affect the taxes you pay, the extent of business name protection you receive as well as the initial and ongoing costs of your corporation.

To Consider:

  1. Search for other corporation names
  2. Choose to incorporate provincially or federally
  3. Visit a Private Provincial Service Provider or Corporations Canada

Companies and Personal Property Security:

Within ServiceOntario, the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (CPPSB) registers business names of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations; authorizes the creation of limited partnerships; incorporates business and not-for-profit entities and licenses foreign extra provincial corporations.

This page provides you with a fast and easy way to access information and forms related to the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch.


  • Business Name Registration Information
  • Corporations Information Act Annual Return
  • Dissolving or Reviving your Corporation
  • Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Incorporating Information
  • Information about Business Name, Limited Partnership and Corporate Searches
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Making Changes to your Corporate Information
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations
  • Services for corporations (amalgamation, change of jurisdiction)
  • Single Administration of Ontario Corporate Tax & The Corporations Information Act Annual Return

Already know what you need? Try these quick links:

  • Applicable Legislation – A list of legislation the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch administers
  • Companies Service Standards and Fees – Information on how long it will take to process your application or search and how much it will cost.
  • Information Sheets & Guides – Provides detailed information about selected topics (e.g. registering your business name in Ontario)
  • Forms – Access to a list of CPPSB forms available via the Internet
  • Notice to Clients – Provides information about new or changes to existing products, services, legislation and policies related to the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (e.g. availability of forms on the Internet)

Contact Information

Companies and Personal Property Security Branch
(mailing address)
393 University Avenue, Suite 200
Toronto ON M5G 2M2
(physical address)
375 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
Fax: 416-314-0102
Local: 416-314-8880
Toll Free: 1-800-361-3223
TTY (416) 325-3408 or toll free at 1-800-268-7095

How to name a corporation

You can also read Choosing a Name to understand how to name a corporation.

Incorporating Online:

  • Applying to incorporate a business online will take about 30 minutes
  • It will cost $360
  • During the process, you will be instructed of the need to print and sign Form 1 – Articles of Incorporation and Form 2 – Initial Registered Office Address and First Board of Directors. The forms must be signed before proceeding to the payment step. These signed forms are to be kept with the corporation’s records.
  • You can save an application and return to submit it later
  • A submitted application will be processed within one business day

You will need:

  • A credit card – VISA, Mastercard or American Express
  • A computer that is installed with PDF reader software
  • Access to a printer
  • A NUANS Name Search Report, if you want a name that is not a numbered name – consult NUANS.


  • Corporate name – Be ready to either submit a name for approval (e.g., Turner Manufacturing Ltd.) or have a numbered name assigned to the corporation (e.g., 123456 Canada Ltd.)
  • Registered office address – Know the full registered office address of the corporation
  • Incorporators – Know the full names and addresses of the incorporator(s) (i.e., the creators of the corporation)
  • Directors – Know the full names and addresses of the directors (i.e., those who will supervise the management of the corporation)
  • Corporate structure – Decide how you want the corporation to be organized (i.e., the share structure, restrictions on share transfers, restrictions on business, etc.). Consult sections 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.6 and 2.3.7 of the Guide to Federal Incorporation.

If you need help:

  • With the online application, contact Corporations Canada
  • You may wish to consult a lawyer or business professional if you have specific questions. They can also guide you through other laws that may apply to the corporation, such as: tax, licensing and trademark laws.

Important resources:

  • Start, dissolve and change a corporation: How to find and file the necessary forms for starting, dissolving and changing a corporation –
  • How to incorporate a business corporation in Ontario –
  • For online applications, go to the Online Filing Centre.


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