More overseas immigration services for newcomers-to-be

More overseas immigration services for newcomers-to-be

Do you know that each year hundreds of thousands of newcomers receive at least one settlement service funded by the Canadian Government? And it’s more to come! $24 million will be committed toward providing immigrants with pre-arrival services before they leave their countries. It will help many newcomers to be better  prepared to integrate into their new life in Canada, regardless of where they choose to settle.

These overseas pre-arrival settlement services are FREE and aim to provide newcomers with a better understanding of life in Canada, demands of the Canadian labour market, labour market services to find and retain employment, costs of living and much more useful information. Experiences show that new immigrants who access pre-arrival services are better prepared to work and integrate socially.

During final stages of immigration process, the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) provides free pre-arrival orientation to eligible immigrants, their spouse and adult dependents while they are still overseas.

In collaboration with partner organizations within Canada and internationally, the government continues to provide a high level of support for the settlement and integration of newcomers to ensure that all have access to the same level of services.

The Government of Canada will invest almost $600 million in 2015-2016 outside Quebec to provide settlement services here and abroad that will help immigrants and refugees settle into their new lives.

If you are at the final stage of your immigration process and still in your home country, take advantage of these services. You will be glad you did.

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