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Fever and temperature are widely considered to be a bad sign during a viral disease. However, most people don’t know that high temperature is a sign of our body fighting the virus. Even a Nobel Prize holder Doctor Andre Lwoff, an acknowledged French virologist thinks that these high temperatures actually help battle the virus and thus suggests not using drugs to lower the fever.

Moreover, some medical doctors like Josef issels and Werner Zable go even further and suggest using synthetically induced fever as a treatment method for a number of diseases, involving cancer.

Dream Sauna Benefits for Health –

Another research, by a physical educationist of Germany professor Dr. Ernst has led to interesting results. He found no patients of cancer among the marathon runners. The study showed that these runners who run on regularly basis excrete nickel, cadmium and lead through sweating, thus reducing the concentration of these cancer causers in the body.

Many respected scientists around the world come to the similar conclusion and agree regular sweating greatly impacts body health in a good way.

However, only the dedicated and active athletes can sweat enough on a regular basis to actually excrete enough of the body poisons in this way. In reality, most of the people can’t and don’t exercise due to very demanding lifestyles. More and more time is spent sitting in chairs, in front of computers, which is worsening the overall body health. And also, there are people who aren’t able to exercise and sweat, like the paraplegics, quadriplegics, and other people. Those people are in even dire need to relief their bodies of toxins, which can be done through sweating.

One way to get a regular medical sweat and even much needed mental relaxation are saunas. The concept of saunas’ use in medical purposes can be found all over the world throughout history. T. Kue Young, M.D. and medical director of the Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital in Northwester Ontario has done much research on sweat lodges used by North American native people. He stresses that sweat lodges were used for both health increase and illness treatment among American natives. Main purpose was to release toxins from the body and to cleanse and lubricate the body.

Ward Dean, M.D. and the army flight surgeon suggest that sweating in saunas is the perfect alternative to regular exercise, especially for people who cannot exercise for some reason. While saunas cannot get you in a better shape, they can fully substitute the cardiovascular effects of running and exercising, and a control induced sweat can even produce better effects in body cleansing.

The modern concept of infrared sauna enables fresh air ventilation, producing radiant heat by a controlled warming of the air to a comfortable level. Infrared technology for radiant heat has been successfully tested and marked safe by Underwriters Laboratories. This technology enables for low-cost and energy efficient saunas, which heats the muscles directly and doesn’t cause the effect of suffocation like traditional saunas. People can thus enjoy infrared sauna see samples at Dream Sauna’s web site for longer periods; body temperature is mildly increased, blood flow increases as well, and toxins are flushed out through deep sweating.

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