Interesting Bridal Shower Ideas for Your Bride

Bridal shower ideas
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If you are thinking to organize a bridal shower for your relative or friend but cannot decide on the theme, here are some bridal shower ideas and tips. You just have to specify the likes and dislikes of your bride and rest of the hassle will be theirs. You can consider different themes such as:

Traditional Bridal Shower

It is basically a way of entertaining brides before they married with their prince charming. Bridal shower is an event where women play games, watch bride while opening her presents and celebrate her wedding. In this bridal shower theme, you will need to consider the following items:

  • Invitations: Invitations should be given with a drawing of bride, wedding cake or something related to wedding on the cover.
  • Decoration: Venue needs to be decorated with flowers, bows, wedding bells, hearts, guest-of-honor chair for her, white tulle etc.
  • Food: Menu will comprise of a high tea or light afternoon luncheon. Small sandwiches, pastries, hors d’oeuvres and pasta salads. You can also add wine, champagne punch or no-alcoholic drinks.
  • Activities: Of course, bridal shower games
  • Gifts: It includes traditional items such as household or something from the wedding registry of bride.

Spa Bridal Shower

Among many interesting bridal shower ideas and tips, you can also try this one.

  • Invitations: The theme should be something like a traditional or spa-related that properly reflects color scheme of the bridal shower.
  • Decoration: Bride can get shower at a salon or spa but if she does not feel comfortable, then you can convert a room into spa so that it will support your theme. You can place stacks of fluffy white towels along with all the necessary products. Play some relaxing music and do not try to make fussy flower arrangements. Just add big glass bowls with river rocking on the floor and flower floating on it.
  • Activities: You can arrange beauty services for all the guests before bride will open her presents. However, if you are having bridal shower at home, then get different colors of nail paints, relaxing foot soaks, interesting face masks, lotions and many other beauty products.
  • Food: Your menu should be light so that guests can easily eat them while having beauty services. Don’t try to add heavier food options.
  • Gifts: Tell guests to bring something relaxing for bride or groom. They can even send some money for couple to have massages or spending a day at spa.

Chocolate-themed Bridal Shower

If your bride loves chocolate and she can live on it, then it will be a perfect bridal shower for her.

  • Invitations: You can create simple chocolate brown-themed invitations.
  • Activities: Chocolate tasting will be perfect with this kind of bridal shower. You can order different varieties of chocolates and tell guests to rate them as mildest to darkest and strongest.
  • Food: It should have different meals with chocolate in it- like salad with cocoa nibs or chicken mole. You can also add potluck chocolate desserts.
  • Gifts: They can be any tool used in candy making or baking.
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