Internet Marketing: Creating Unprecedented Opportunities for Business Growth
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Managing a business, whether local or international, calls for a well-orchestrated plan on multiple fronts. By the end of the day, the success of a business boils down to a decent amount of “sales” and revenue – such that not only puts a huge smile on your face as a business owner, but also keeps the business afloat and the profit margins healthy. This is where an effective online marketing comes into play. A marketer must be wise enough to look for every possible strategy that will bring about a significant upturn in the business with almost absolute certainty. After all, no one wants to invest their time, money, and effort into something vague and unsure. But at the same time, nobody wants to leave any possibilities unchecked. In the struggle for success, no angle shall be left unexplored and this must be done with great courage.

Nowadays, internet marketing provides a wealth of possibilities. The internet can offer way more than just video games, online dating, video streaming and social media. It is a platform that –if used properly- gives every business an edge over their competition. Digital marketing enables rational business owners to transform their brand into something greater, an entity that ultimately knows no boundaries. Expansion has never been more attainable and it all has to do with reaching your target audience and building solid trust. This is what pays off for the long run.

Quite objectively, the possibilities are endless. Recent studies shows that the overwhelming majority of Canadian consumers in every niche, research extensively all the available options before delving into a “purchase”. The name of the game is content. Material that is valuable to all the people that we want to attract and have them follow our lead, or of course our calls to action. A brick and mortar business in no longer bound by geographical limitations, and traditional media no longer serve us optimally in reaching our customers quickly and in the most cost-effective manner. There is really an abundance of methods that savvy internet marketers use every day to help their clients get the results that so badly crave – and right below we will look at some of these in turn.

Search Engine Optimization on Google

Search Engine Optimization (commonly known as SEO and/or SEO Services) refers to the practice of optimizing a website in order to get it to the top of search results on search engines within your geo area, most notably Google. Given that it is the biggest search engine out there, most online businesses aspire to get noticed by it and manage to appear on the first places when people search for their keywords. Being on top or on the first page of Google’s search results is important in getting your business found by searchers all over the world. Just take your own personal experience as an example. Every time you search for something, you always type in some sort of keywords that reflect what you are looking for. The moment you click “enter” or that magnifying glass button on Google, you try to quickly check on the results that seem fit for purpose. In doing this, chances are you rarely click onto the second page. As a matter of fact, only a few would actually bother. That’s literally the reason why you always have to be near the top. We had an opportunity to talk to Andrew Bradu, CEO and Founder of ADSLAB™, one of the leading online marketing companies here in Toronto to ask for healthy advise on how local business owners can enhance their presence on Google’s first page.

“Nowadays technology and progress doesn’t care about you or me. If you don’t catch up with it, it will destroy your business, slowly but surely…” Andrew says.

However here are some of the major aspects to consider when planning to develop a solid online presence:

  • Publish only useful content – Before anything else, prioritize the quality of your content. You should only publish content that is relevant, helpful and that relates to your audience. Even if your site appears right at the top of search results, people will not bother clicking on it if it makes little to no sense.
  • Promote proper keywords – Keywords are the words people type when they search for something online. The pages of your website must contain highly effective keywords in order to grab the attention of search engine algorithms – the most current trend is the use of the so-called long-tail keywords: a combination of words that match exactly what prospective customers search for.
  • Be consistent, people love it – Every online business needs to be consistent in their promotional endeavours. Outdated content doesn’t seem trustworthy at all and reliability is a key driver of purchasing decisions. What’s more, search engines are likely to show the most recent content, so it is highly suggested to update your content on a regular basis.

Use Pay Per Click Management (AdWords)

Pay Per Click or PPC management is yet another way of getting people to visit your website. PPC takes the form of ads, which are displayed alongside search results. It is proven to lure people in clicking on your offers, giving marketers a solid reason to invest in this method on behalf of their clients. In PPC management, you’ll literally pay per click. Every time a user clicks on your website through the PPC ad, a certain amount is being deducted from your set Ad Spend budget.

However, this technique can be quite challenging. Even though it is widely regarded as more time effective compared to SEO (and you have also paid for the ads) – your money can easily go down the drain if you do not know what you are doing. PPC management can be a little complicated and can even consume much of your time, but everything will be worth it as soon as it’s fully set. It can help you increase your website traffic and provide you with hundreds of leads that will eventually form your loyal client base. But all of the above are bound to go in vain, unless you have a beautiful online presence.

Responsive Website Design

Beauty and quality should always come together. Just because you are managing your business in the cyberspace, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to cater to certain needs and above all appear as an actual problem-solver. Your online presence must depict all the good qualities of your real-life brand – and in order for this to happen the user must have a seamless experience when visiting your website. A responsive website serves above all in doing just that, taking care of all the important stuff like proper adaptation when it comes to screen aspect ratios and keeping the layout (that you’ve worked so hard to build) intact throughout mobile and desktop. It also helps in:

  • Attracting visitors – A responsive website design gives visitors a reason to keep browsing a website even if they have not yet gone through its content. Such a design doesn’t necessarily have to be too classy or sophisticated. Sometimes, simplicity is enough to give beauty and functionality.
  • To keep users (at ease) – Research shows that visitors tend to click away if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Lag and unresponsiveness are probably part of the things that users find annoying in the internet. Convenience is a big part of the equation. Nothing is more convenient than waiting for just 1 second for every click you make to load as you navigate through the pages of a website.

That being said, SEO, Pay-per-click Management, and a fully responsive web design are just some of the techniques that help online businesses reach unprecedented growth.

It’s true though, digital marketing is an often complicated yet massively rewarding world – so it’s best to seek the help of an experts in order to ensure that your hard earned money won’t go down the drain. Want to see magic in the making? We always advocate for extensive research, but we definitely recommend to contact ADSLAB™ team by visiting their website to discuss all your questions and obtain a first-hand advice from online marketing industry leaders. Solid work ethic and professional integrity can go a long way.

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