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By Carlos Perdomo


While I try to understand
A volcano and its sudden eruption;
That mighty force which explodes
Without asking any questions
Without having any doubts,
The night sets in.


I fix my eyes on no specific target
I know you are here!
Enticing me to open the door
And sense:
Not the aroma of burning ashes
But the soft cadence of a sweet perfume.



When I met your blue eyes
The sound of the bells were in intonation
My thoughts always immersed in your
Unpredictable smile.
I was not enamored of your cascading hair
But mesmerized of the softness of your lips.


Soon after, I found myself alone
Urging for your voice,
Waiting relentless for that answer
Hidden in the dark.


I could not convince you of the necessity
Of understanding.
For a short eternal instant
Your face lived in my hands
As I explored the map of the stars
And their positions
Which I never memorize.


From Dusk to Dawn

The wind dances through the valley
As the sun creeps ‘cross the sky
The birds and bees all make there way
Travelling slowly by


The twinklin’ hue of early dusk
Is a beautiful sight to hold
As the sun sets down for its daily sleep
The world moves back to old


Before its sky’s were tinted grey
And its seas were tinted black
Before the forests held the fear
Of every having a lack


The moon rises up and takes command
A sovereign for a night
The moon and the stars walk hand in hand
Aware of their kingdoms plight


As the world slumbers on
A peaceful place once more
The moon can try to forget
Pretend that t’was lore


But forget he never can
The wounds lie deep inside his heart
He misses the old world
That was once like a work of art


Where rivers ran freely
Through forests never ending
As mountains reached towards the heavens
A world with no need of mending


Since when has there been death
As frequent as the stars are many
Since when has there been millions
With no more then a mere penny


What happened to the world
That once shone with a light so brightly
The light of the pure and innocent
He just didn’t know quite rightly


But as the moon looked away in sorrow
He spotted a familiar sight
Somewhere in this dark world
Shone a single, burning light


It brought tears to his old wise eyes
To see a treasure so rare
The hopes and dreams of a child
Who really truly cared


And as the sky lights up with dawn
And the moon lies back to rest
He can sleep a restful sleep
Knowing that he has done his best


And the sun looks out over her world
From the cities to the mountains that range
And it warms her broken hurting heart
To know it all can change
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