Jaywalking – Risks and Consequences

Jaywalking - Risks and Consequences
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In Ontario, more often that we would like to, a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle.

Some times is the driver that is responsible and sometimes is the pedestrian that believes that “they can make it to the other side”.

Every time you hear on the news the details of an incident in which a pedestrian has been struck by a vehicle, you should think and analyze what you could have done different in order not to put your own life’s at risk.

But the fact is that pedestrians are probably the most vulnerable accident victims, and if you do not take proper precautions at the time of crossing and a vehicle hits you, that risk may cost you long months of regaining your health, become disable or probably your life.

As pedestrians we like to cut corners in our journey in order to save some energy and get faster to our destination.

Common sense indicates that we should obey the crossing rules doing so at the designated crossing locations.

But often times the location is a little too far and we think that would not be any harm if we cross at mid-block.

If that is your practice, please take into consideration a few rules (you can make your own):

  1. Before crossing be completely sure that there are no vehicles nearby and if one is approaching be also completely sure that you have enough time to pass to the other side. It is true that the driver also has to be careful but is your health that maybe at risk and if you miscalculate the distance between you and the vehicle the consequences are daring;
  2. Before crossing confirm that there are no objects obstructing your vision; in winter time make sure that you are not wearing a hood at the time of starting crossing and check the conditions of the road, specially after a big snowfall;
  3. Do not run, you may slip and fall and will not have a time to stand up and avoid any oncoming vehicle if you are crossing a very busy street.

Walk safe and slow, the shopping mall will not disappear if you get there 5 minutes later than expected. Cross the roads carefully and live a long and happy life!

By Carlos Perdomo

Licensed Paralegal


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