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Even with all the recent changes in the market Laser Welding is still remaining a viable choice for the USA based clients. And it is clear why. Canadian high tech industry, and laser welding, as its sector, has won a long standing internationally acclaimed reputation for the innovation, high quality of work, and reliable time-frames. Moreover, the welding facilities are located right across the border close to main transportation routes.

What sets it apart is the experience and expertise of the professionals in the industry. It really requires both – the technical knowledge of the process and the high standards of workmanship and training. Being a high precision non-contact welding – laser welding offers a wide range of advantages:

Ability to join different metals and materials, including mix of materials

  • High precision of seams
  • Minimal area affected by heat
  • Well sealed seams
  • No or very little post production or refinishing
  • Faster production times
  • Minimizing production steps

No wonder its application is in high demand in the industries ranging from high precision medical equipment manufacturing to aerospace. Those who use it for their production process on the regular basis well enjoy its advantages already. The key concern has always been the production and transportation cost, rather than the obvious benefits of the process.

And, luckily, Canadian facilities specializing in laser welding are offering great advantage in both. With them being just north of the border and with both railway and trucking transportation within the reach, and hassle free cross border deliveries at very competitive cost, as well as the production costs, on average 30% lower than in the USA, with lower value of Canadian dollar as one of the factors, it proves to be a wise strategic partnership for USA manufacturers.

The business partnerships in this sphere prove to form long-term and growing stronger over the years and we are happy to witness the continuing success.

The information is provided by Laser Weld Creation

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