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Livingston Park was our second time outdoor destination during Ontario reopening in May 2020. Popular with the locals and out of town visitors, it’s a nice little retreat in the downtown Milton.

Livingston Park in Milton

Livingston Park in Milton AllOntarioVisiting it was very beautiful and relaxing in the late spring, especially after being locked in indoor for two months. Great trails for biking and hiking. Lots of wild flowers.

Livingston Park in Milton AllOntario

Livingston Park in MiltonLivingston Park in MiltonScenic stream and pond. Wonderful!

Livingston Park in MiltonTaking a walk around the pond is a great way to enjoy the scenery and get some exercise.

Livingston Park has a very special feature: a narrow trail between two water bodies – steady waters of Mill Pond on one side and fast running Sixteen Mile Creek on the other. There’s a nice spot at the creek at the far end and it’s a fun adventure for kids.

Livingston Park in Milton AllOntario

Livingston Park in MiltonA little bit of history

According to The Journal of September 1994, published by the Milton Historical Society, with the purchase in 1908 of the house on Margaret St., Thomas Livingston initiated interest in the pond and its park lands. An aggressive promoter, he erected a band stand, refreshment stands and park facilities on his land. In 1912, he put canoes for rent on the water. Sunday School picnics of up to 400 came from the city to utilise the park facilities.

Livingston died in 1913 and the property reined in the hands of trustees until it was purchased by P.L. Robertson as his residence in 1917.

To make a long story short: the area has been publicly owned since 1964.

We spent a great afternoon in Livingston Park capturing unique moments and spots.

Enjoy the post!

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