Low-Cost Home Improvements before Selling Your Home

Real Estate Agent Toronto Nina Timoshyna
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There can be a lot of reasons to sell your home. And when the time comes, you want to sell it fast and for the price you ask. But very often we simply forget that competition is tough and marketing the home is crucial.

Here are some low-cost ways to improve the value of your home before selling.



It seems everyone knows about it but believe it or not, not everyone does it. Your potential buyer has to feel like they’re staying at a posh hotel.Clean everything you can set your eyes on thoroughly: windows, doors, carpets, furniture, closets… Everything! Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Remember, new towels, rugs, bedding and window treatments can add value to your home for a very low cost.


Space is valuable and actually one of the top selling points for any property. Declutter all rooms. Sort the things out: place them properly, sell, give to the Salvation Army, donate to charity or throw to the garbage. Please remember, closets, organization in cabinets, and shelving are crucial. Pay special attention in. The areas such as garages, basements and kids rooms tend to collect unneeded items and require a special look. If it’s a house, walk around and remove broken patio furniture, gardening tools, toys, and any junk that has been accumulated for years. Ensure the grass is cut, the lawn and flower beds are free of weeds and debris. Consider putting a pot of flowers at the front door. Climb up on a ladder and clear the gutters so water can flow freely.

The entrance

Do you remember the famous saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? It does not work in real estate! The entrance to your home is the key to first impressions. Ensure that the front door is free from cobwebs or dirt, screens are not sagging or broken, and the porch is clean.

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes miles toward establishing a great impression of good maintenance. Paint your property in neutral colors. A bright red or a deep plum might look great to you but not to your potential buyer.

Refresh the Kitchen

Don’t go too far, do what you can comfortably afford. Resurface or paint kitchen cabinets. If countertops or flooring is damaged, replace with like material. Appliances are the most expensive items to replace in a kitchen. You’ll save lots of money if you don’t have to replace them, but if you do… At least make sure appliances are clean and working.


Bad smells are deal killers. Don’t even think about scented candles or plug-in room fragrances: it will be like you put a drop of “Chanel N5” in a garlic stew. Rent a room in a pet hotel for your kitty for a while and divorce your smoking partner. Okay, just kidding. Sort of. One more thing: do not clean with harsh chemicals when your home will be viewed.


Be prepared to pay more for your electricity bills. Consider higher wattage bulbs throughout your home, upgrading light fixtures or adding lamps and sconces to rooms that are dark.

You have to keep in mind that a potential buyer can walk away from their offer if your home fails a quality home inspection. If there are some issues like roofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, etc., they have to be addressed before an offer is made on your home.

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