Lower Fares for Union Pearson Express

Lower Fares for Union Pearson Express

Ontario plans to lower the fares for the Union Pearson Express (UP Express) to attract new riders using the service between Pearson International Airport and Toronto’s downtown core.

Subject to approval by the Metrolinx Board of Directors, effective March 9, UP Express passengers using a PRESTO card will be able to travel between Union Station to Pearson Airport for $9.  The cost for those not using PRESTO will be $12.

For people in the Bloor and Weston communities looking for fast and frequent service, UP Express fares will be the same as GO fares, which means $4.71 for one stop and $5.02 for two stops, with a PRESTO card.

Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in the province’s history — more than $134 billion over 10 years, which is making 110,000 jobs possible every year across the province, with projects such as roads, bridges, transit systems, schools and hospitals. In 2015, the province announced support for more than 325 projects that will keep people and goods moving, connect communities and improve quality of life.

Helping to make transit more affordable and keep people moving is part of the government’s plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. The four-part plan is investing in people’s talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • Fares will also be reduced for airport employees.
  • UP Express connects Canada’s two busiest transportation hubs, Union Station and Pearson International Airport, with stops at Bloor and Weston stations.
  • The trip between Union Station and Pearson takes just 25 minutes, with trains departing every 15 minutes, 19.5 hours a day.
  • Since it opened in June 2015, UP Express has experienced a 97 per cent on-time performance rating, with 87 per cent of guests willing to recommend the service.
  • Research shows that every $100 million of public infrastructure investment in Ontario boosts GDP by $114 million, particularly in construction and manufacturing sectors.

February 23, 2016, Ministry of Transportation

Source: https://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2016/02/ontario-lowering-fares-for-union-pearson-express-riders.html

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