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There are many advantages to a metal roof for your house.

Durability of Metal Roofing

The traditional asphalt roof having to be fully re-roofed every 15 years or so is definitely one of them. Needless to say that full re-roofing is not a cheap endeavor. Asphalt roofs are made of oil infused paper or fiberglass which begins to deteriorate no later than the moment you put it on. It is not a durable material by any means and it’s resilience in the face of direct sunlight and normal Canadian weather is limited at best.

Wood shingles and tiles also have limited resistance to water and heat and will break down, decompose or warp soon enough as well. Concrete tiles have trouble dealing with freeze-thaw cycles, especially in Northern Ontario where climate is much harsher in winters.

A metal roof on the other hand, can take a serious beating from the elements and just keep shrugging it off. It will not decompose; it will not lose its integrity over time. It will last much, much longer. And look the same for longer too.

Variety of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can be made to match any visual and architectural style to fit your preferences or the neighborhood’s style. Different climate types also demand different types of roofing. Heavy snow means the roof has to be sloped, just to bring one example.

Not to worry – metal roofs can be made sloped, flat or more or less any style you like. Moreover, the metal roof can be finished in such a way as to resemble shingles, wood tiles or other types of roofing perfectly. This way the visual component remains the same while you gain in quality and durability.

Environmental Advantages

Asphalt shingles end up in the landfill in the millions of tons every year. They are non-recyclable and can only be dumped, polluting our land. A metal roof, even if you have to replace it, can often be reused to some 60%, and this rate is growing as the technology becomes more advanced and increasingly efficient.

What’s even better, when you install a metal roof, you can often have it set up over your current roof saving you quite a bit on the need to remove it first. It is also a great insulator, saving you further more on your A/C and Heating bills every month.

Added Property Value

While the metal roof is usually more expensive than its traditional alternatives, it’s also a premium roof system. It can add value to your property, making it an investment. The lack of need to tear it out every 15 years and install a new one makes it extremely desirable and buyers are willing to pay extra for the perk.

As a result this roof will bring in monthly monetary savings on your heat bills, a long-term saving on replacing it every 15 years, and a growth in property value in the long run. Add to this the not inconsiderable maintenance costs that the metal roof simply does not need, and you get an absolute no-brainer.

The metal roof is all advantages, and unless and until they come up with something better, it is by far the best choice for roofing material you can possibly make.

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