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New decade – new fashion … Old trends that have become boring are leaving now. It’s time to welcome something new. 2021 the most distinctive features and must have fashion are lightness of cut and silhouette, tenderness and brightness of shades.

Fashion trends 2021 care about fashionistas who want to look their best no matter rain or shine. Women’s outerwear can be both practical and stylish, highlighting individuality and comfort.

Fashion trends for the top layer allow us to wrap ourselves in a cozy raincoat, trench coat or windbreaker: the trend is an elongated cut and deliberately exaggerated volume. Something with a nostalgic note that reminds us of noir detectives.

Top 7 Fashion Trends for 2021

Trend # 1 – Oversize

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosLoose styles and clothing from the male shoulder are not losing their prime position. Therefore, fashionable women’s clothing in some cases is voluminous and huge. Girls in the oversized look fragile and gentle. It looks touching and it’s pleasant to wear!

The Valentino designed shirts and blazers so oversized that with mini shorts it seems as if it’s the only thing a girl is wearing. Bold, for the brave and courageous!

Trend # 2 – Exaggerated Shoulders

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosIt’s one of the main fashion trends of 2021. Bulky, powerful shoulders are a hot fashion trend in spring-summer 2021. It emphasizes feminine strength, symbolizes their battle for equal rights. This motive can be seen everywhere now: on jackets and coats, vests and blazers. Deliberately emphasized, voluminous shoulders flaunt on jackets, vests, and tops.

Trend # 3 – Lettering Prints

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosLettering prints in the form of inscriptions are one of the hottest fashionable clothes for spring-summer 2021. This is a great opportunity to communicate your message to the world and still look great.

A T-shirt with “If Not Now…When?” lettering or a dress with love lettering prints – choose among all the different colours and sizes available and enhance your look. Designers are doing their best to expand the selection of inscriptions so that every fashionista can express her individuality to the maximum.

Some offers lettering that resembles a newspaper clipping or a poster. Black letters on a snow-white background create indescribable elegance for any woman.

Other designers surprise with the inscription that is depicted in a mirror and inverted form, and from the first time it is not clear what message the image conveys. This is the whole idea: trying to unravel the message, the people around will not take their eyes off it!

Trend # 4 – Shibori dye (or tie-dye)

Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways to resist-dye textiles. The earliest surviving examples of shibori-dyed cloth date back to the mid-8th century. A whimsical pattern, which can only be obtained with this technique, now adorns clothes, shoes and accessories.

Traditionally, a white cloth (usually silk, hemp, or cotton) was folded, bunched, or twisted, then tied, and then dipped into a natural indigo dye.

Is shibori always blue? Classic shibori techniques used indigo – a deep blue dye made from the soaked and fermented leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria, a species of bean plant, found across Asia, parts of Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran. Over the centuries, artisans have developed many methods and a rainbow of colours.

Since the pattern does not obey any geometric rules, this abstraction looks intriguing, not boring. Someone can find it too colorful: in this case, you can borrow either the top or the bottom, and combine this detail with a plain one.

The technique of shibori dyeing is known all over the world, and gained the greatest popularity in the 70s. Clothing dyed in bizarre colours has become a favourite among hippies, and now this trend has found a second life. After all, everyday life does not have to be gray.

Being luxury ones, shibori-dyed things are not cheap; they offer a flair of exclusivity, top of elegance and harmony

Trend # 5 – Laces

Laces are one of the hottest fashion trends in 2021. Weightless, translucent inserts adorn dresses, skirts, blouses … They add a romantic atmosphere to the image, allowing the fashionista to feel like a gentle young lady.

Trend # 6 – Fringes

Fringes will be an especially important detail of the trendy outerwear, which was fashionable in the past seasons, and today it will be just a long type of fringe as a decoration of outerwear for the spring.

Trend # 7 – Nautical Theme

The scope for imagination is huge here: fishing nets, shells, fish, waves, sailors …

Must Have Fashion for 2021

Extra-Long Trenches

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosThis spring, extra-long trenches are a mega-stylish outerwear option. You can combine it with your favorite sneakers or running shoes, flats, boots, pumps or sandals.

A trench coat is a unique women’s clothing with a rich history. Created for soldiers, it migrated to the ladies’ wardrobe thanks to Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. Trench coats are distinguished from ordinary raincoats by a high collar, epaulettes, two rows of buttons, and a yoke on the back.

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosFashion trends 2021 redefine the trench coat, extending it almost to the floor. It looks unusual, but the coziness it offers is extraordinary. It’s an ideal option for the funs of the military and mystery styles.

A classic trench coat retains all its characteristic features, even a gun valve on the shoulder.

The distinctive features of the classic trench coat are as follows:

  • High collar: Now it is worn as a turn-down, but in the original version it was assumed that if necessary it could be raised to protect it from wind and rain.
  • Epaulettes: An integral part of army uniforms, which served as patches for the rank of a soldier, today is only a characteristic decor. But it’s impossible to imagine a trench coat without epaulettes.
  • Two rows of buttons: Two rows of buttons strengthen the reliability of a military trench coat. Today, the double row of buttons is the most recognizable part of the classic cut.
  • The shotgun valve is an overlay piece of the yoke on the front shoulder, designed to protect against recoil when firing a shotgun. A completely useless piece that is essential for maintaining a classic cut.
  • Yoke: Decorative patch on the back for protection from wind and weather.
  • Cuffs that can be tightened: On a soldier’s trench coat, it was necessary in case of a cold snap. Modern models are still equipped with straps on the cuffs, although no one uses them.
  • Belt: The standard trench belt is tightened with a D-shaped buckle. In order not to look like a soldier of the First World War, it is better to tie the ends of the belt in a loose knot in the front or on the back. Slot: The most practical detail left over from the military uniform is the cut at the bottom of the back which is needed so that the long trench coat does not hinder movement when walking.

Double-breasted trench coats are present in the collections of brands of any price segment. If you approach the search issue correctly, you can purchase a classic item for a reasonable price that will not become obsolete over time.

90s Raincoats

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosThis 2021 outerwear hot trend was born a long time ago, when the grass was greener and the raincoats were worn by absolutely everyone. This piece was considered a chic, specially made for spies, detectives and mystical ladies. Now nothing has changed, and every girl who has put on a raincoat in the style of the 90s literally feels this mysterious atmosphere on herself.

The raincoat is so long that it covers you from head to toe. You can wear anything under it, even shorts and a T-shirt, even a mini-skirt. In rain and wind, the legs are reliably protected.

Fur Coats

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosNot to worry about a short-term spring bad weather, fashionable fur coats for the spring will allow you to warm yourself up. A short or knee-length fur coat is an excellent and very special outfit choice. The spring fur coats can be worn with sneakers and running shoes, with jeans and flats, with shorts and extra-long boots.

The short fur coats can be worn with dresses to complete a chic evening look, without over-burdening the look and giving laconism.


Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosThis lightweight jacket is called a windbreaker for a reason. Its purpose is to protect from light wind and rain. It will not save you from winter frosts, but for the later spring, this is what you need. The hot trend of women’s clothing 2021 is voluminous, very voluminous windbreakers. They calmly fall from the shoulders, giving a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Fashion designers have created a huge windbreaker with cropped sleeves and a long back. In silhouette, it is rather a pyramid or a triangle: it smoothly expands downward, not emphasizing the waist.

The windbreaker could be more fitted while maintaining oversize. The low waist is highlighted with elastic; the puffy sleeves are tapered with cuffs. The result is the perfect balance between a spacious and form-fitting silhouette.

Jackets and Blazers

Stylish jackets and blazers can be an excellent solution for many occasions. Combined with fashionable accessories, they can give you an intriguing and chic look.

Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

With the help of shoulder pads, this 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend blazer cinches in your waist and elongates your legs. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style. Variety of colours: pastel palette, powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can easily dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. No limit for your imagination.

Bomber Jacket

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosBombers are mega-stylish now: in grunge style, sport chic, street style, casual and romantic tandems are great for fashionistas of all ages. This spring, stylists suggest choosing bombers as outerwear – shiny, with ornaments, prints, inscriptions, which will be very effective in the spring season.

The bomber jacket could have possibly received its name from its initial introduction as part of the military uniform. Based on history, the very first bomber jackets were worn by military pilots during World War I and II hence the name being drawn from realistic elements at the time.

Denim jackets

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosAn interesting spring option will be denim jackets with a bright painting on the back, inscriptions and patches that will be delightful in any case.

Leather jackets

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosBiker jackets or classic models of leather jackets will become a mega-style completion of a spring look with midi skirts, flowing and airy dresses, and jeans. Embroidery, inscriptions, patches will become a trendy element of the fashionable spring leather jacket 2021.

Capes and Ponchos

Capes, all sorts of capes, and ponchos will become a real trend among fashionable outerwear for the upcoming spring season. Being at the peak in the past seasons, capes will not lose their popularity in the spring of 2021. Amazingly complementing, they can be of eclectic patterns, ethno style, fringe or multi-coloured geometric prints.


Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosThis spring, a vest can have a few versions such as sleeveless coats or trenches, sleeveless jackets or blazers: they can be made with buttons or without fasteners at all.

Fashion Shoes 2021

Ultra Long Boots

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosEffective and practical – this is the slogan of 2021! Nothing protects your feet from wind and moisture like boots that go to infinity.

Massive shoes

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosBoots and shoes on a huge platform once again burst onto fashion catwalks, and from there spread throughout the world.


Another nod to practicality: stiletto heels and high heels gave way. Practicality and comfort are now becoming the main goals of fashion designers. Flat sole, open heel and pointed toe – all the hot trends are in spring 2021. In such shoes it seems as if you are walking barefoot on the soft grass of the Garden of Eden.

Fashion Accessories 2021

The finishing touch to the look is created by accessories. Let’s look at fashion accessories that are in the must have category for the coming year.

Wide belt or multiple belts

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosThe straps accentuate the slimness of the figure and create a classic hourglass silhouette. A wide leather belt or several thin ones look appropriate with almost any clothes, either it’s a dress or a business suit.

Oversized shoulder bags

Oversized shoulder bag is another fashion trend of the spring 2021 that combines elegance and practicality. If you are dreaming of a fashionable bag that can hold a kilo of potatoes and a couple of bricks, you are in a right time: now it has become a mainstream.


Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosMassive, huge chains are a hot trend now. Chains flaunt everywhere: on the neck, on the wrist, on a bag or shoes.

Head Scarfs

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 PhotosInspired in the 50s-60s, this sleek fashion trend is now one of the hottest trends. The offerings are so huge that it’s hard to choose: floral motifs or intricate patterns, bold colours or block letters. When styling this accessory, you can wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot, or have it hanging off the back of your head – mix things up by wrapping it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. Remember, headscarves protect your hair and add a finishing touch to your outfit without overdoing it.

Fashion Colour Trends 2021

2021 is a year of bright and soothing colours that take inspiration from natural elements that represent unity, stability and hope. Let’s take a look at the trendy colours in clothing 2021.


The bright yellow hue is meant to evoke hope and optimism after the tumultuous year. Although, all yellow-orange shades are fashionable in 2021, if you have pale skin, orange can add unwanted yellowness to it.


Gray represent sunshine coming in as clouds disperse.


Any shade of mint – aquamarine, green-blue, teal, aqua, cyan, turquoise, etc. – are trendy in spring and summer 2021. These colours refresh the complexion, brings notes of calmness and relaxation to the image. Ideal for spring and summer wear!

Classic blue

This is a favourite shade of many: it emphasizes the graceful features of the face and goes well with hair of any colour. Classic blue is welcome in everyday life, in strict offices, and at pretentious celebrations.

Soft blue

A trendy colour of the summer sky in clear weather emphasizes the beauty of brunettes and blondes. Owners of red hair are better off combining this shade with other, brighter ones.

Even if you know a lot about all the hot trends in fashion for 2021, remember, you are the focus of your image. Emphasize your individuality and then you will shine at all times.

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Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos












Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos



Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos





Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos

Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos


Must Have Fashion for 2021 with 100 Photos


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