Natural Resources Grants and Financial Incentives for Ontario Homeowners

Grants and Financial Incentives for Ontario Homeowners
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With this article I’d like to remind you that Canadian government manages several grants, incentives and other financial assistance programs to help you live in a way that is energy efficient, money saving, and helps to protect our natural resources.

Below you’ll find an overview of the natural resources grants and financial incentives that are available for Ontario residential property owners via Hydro One.

Hydro One delivers electricity across Ontario. It is a corporation established under the Business Corporations Act with a single shareholder, the Government of Ontario.

saveONenergy peaksaver PLUSTM

Through peaksaver PLUS, eligible participants receive a free programmable thermostat and energy display to help manage the temperature in the home, a value of $250.

saveONenergy AUDIT FUNDING Program

This Program evaluates the current energy performance of a facility and can help determine the financial benefits of improving its energy efficiency. Incentives are based on the size of the building and cover up to 50% of the cost of the audit, to a maximum of $25,000. Additional incentives are offered to develop detailed project cost and energy savings calculations for potential projects identified by the electricity survey and analysis. Incentives cover up to 50% of the detailed analysis cost, to a maximum of $10,000 and are based on the cost of the potential project.


This Program offers homeowners a financial incentive of $250 when an existing furnace is replaced with a high-efficiency one equipped with an electronically commutated motor. It also offers an incentive of up to $400 for the replacement of an existing central air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR qualified system.


This Program provides design assistance and substantial financial incentives for building owners and architects who exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the Ontario Building Code. Building owners will receive up to $400 for every kilowatt saved for lighting measures and up to $800 for every kilowatt saved for non-lighting projects, or up to $75 per multi-residential in-suite appliance. They are also eligible to receive up to 100% of the cost of modelling a building or addition.

saveONenergy HOME ASSISTANCE Program

This Program is designed to help homeowners and tenants better manage their energy costs. Eligibility is based on income and the type of home. Hydro One works with qualified individuals to find smart, simple ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency – at no cost. It recommends and installs the upgrades the home qualifies for, including energy-efficient appliances, energy-saving light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, programmable thermostats, power bars and home insulation and draft proofing.

saveONenergy NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION Initiative

This Initiative provides incentives designed to encourage home builders and renovators to construct energy-efficient homes in Ontario by incorporating energy-efficiency into their construction or any extensive renovation. Home builders and renovators can choose to implement Prescriptive, Performance-Based or Custom measures, or a combination of all three. Homeowners who are managing their own renovation, and can provide proof of purchase for any equipment that is eligible for an incentive, can also apply for the three different streams in the initiative.


This Program provides financial incentives up to $1,500 worth in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades to qualifying businesses. An authorized electrical contractor is available to complete the retrofit. The program provides licensed electrical contractors, a no-risk assessment and clean-up, which includes recycling and proper disposal.


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