Nunzio Presta – Founder of BizON



Like any other Entrepreneurship student, Nunzio Presta, Graduate of The Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, aspired to leave school with a fresh business idea that would jump start a successful career. His first foray, in the apparel industry quickly became a success; however, when he felt that the company had reached its full potential, he decided that it was time to put his business in someone else’s hands and move on to the next challenge.

BizON“I spent many nights searching for ways to sell my business, only to come across websites that were overloaded with information and advertisements, making the sites difficult to work through and navigate,” says Presta, Founder and CEO of BizON. “Frankly, it made me fear that I would not be able to find another entrepreneur capable of taking over the business I had worked so hard to launch. In the end, I knew that there had to be an easier way to pass my business on to someone who had the right amount of interest and resources, ready to move the business onto the next level, successfully.”

With an aging population and growing popularity of entrepreneurship, many Canadians are looking for a viable option to buy or sell a business. BizON has created an online marketplace that connects engaged business buyers and sellers; whether they are general business people looking to buy or sell a business; franchisors looking for qualified business developers; or professional agents such as accountants, lawyers, realtors and business brokers, looking to help clients buy or sell a business.

The marketplace has accumulated close to $40 million in business listings since it became live to the public 5 months ago. The community’s membership rate is growing at 43% month over month, along with a 104% listing growth rate month over month. According to CIBC World Markets Inc. “310,000 business owners will exit ownership or transfer control of their business within five years.” The BizON community services this market efficiently by providing members with a secure login community that is seamless, resourceful and trustworthy. The objective is to ensure the best possible opportunities for members to buy or sell a business suitable to their lifestyle.

“I am on a mission to truly redefine the process in which people can buy, sell and grow a business”, says Presta. “I strongly believe that buying or selling a business that suits a person’s lifestyle is extremely important to their financial health, mental health and family.”

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