Ontario New Polymer Birth Certificates


March 10, 2015 – Ministry of Government and Consumer Services: Ontario’s new birth certificates are made of polymer and designed to be more secure and durable.

The new certificates will be more resistant to damage, fading and moisture than the current certificates now in circulation. Under normal use, they will last a person a lifetime.

Additionally, the new certificates have a number of enhanced security features making them easier to verify and harder to fake.

For more information, visit ServiceOntario.ca/BirthCertificate.

Some of the new security features include:

  • Polymer material: High security plastic that is more durable, and easy to clean
  • Colour shifting window: Intricate pattern of maple leaves surrounded by a gold border. When tilted, colours shift from green to purple
  • Clear window: Three maple leaves suspended in a window, surrounded by a gold border
  • Rainbow printing: Colours on the front of the certificate gradually shift from blue to peach
  • Watermarks: When held up to light, Canada geese appear in the lower portion and the word “CANADA” repeats in a ribbon pattern from the top to bottom
  • Bar codes: Help make information machine readable
  • Raised printing: Maple leaves that are bumpy to the touch
  • Close register feature: When held up to light, two irregular patterns on either side of the certificate come together like a jigsaw puzzle to form a maple leaf.


1. Front side

Actual Dimensions 125 x176mm

2. Back side

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