Ontario Protecting Rare Plants and Animals

Ontario Protecting Rare Plants and Animals

Ontario Government Supporting Species at Risk Projects: Ontario is supporting individual and community projects that protect and recover species at risk and their habitats.

Over the past six years, more than 600 Species at Risk Stewardship Fund projects have helped protect and recover over 200 different species at risk, including peregrine falcons, blanding’s turtles and American chestnut trees.

The fund has helped restore more than 24,000 hectares of important habitat, while also supporting 2,100 jobs and an estimated 256,600 hours of volunteer work that make a difference in communities across the province.

Protecting and restoring Ontario’s biodiversity is part of the Ontario government’s plan to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

Quick Facts

  • In 2013-14, the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund will provide up to $5 million to support 75 new projects and 32 multi-year projects.
  • The fund is available to individuals and groups, including landowners and farmers, Aboriginal communities, academic institutions, industries, municipalities and conservation organizations.
  • Ontario is home to over 30,000 species, with more than 200 currently considered at risk.

Ministry of Natural Resources, July 17, 2013

Source: http://news.ontario.ca/mnr/en/2013/07/helping-ontario-protect-rare-plants-and-animals.html

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