Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

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The transportation sector accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than iron, steel, cement and chemical industries combined. The Province is putting its Climate Change Strategy into action and demonstrating its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario by encouraging a shift to low- and zero-emission vehicles. Helping Ontarians shift to low- or zero-emission vehicles is vital to achieving Ontario’s greenhouse gas pollution reduction target of 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Moving to a more sustainable transportation model is critical for reducing our carbon footprint. Ontario is ready for electric vehicles and is taking action to help people make the switch by: making EVs more affordable, building a network of public fast-charging stations and increasing awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles.

In an effort to promote increased adoption of EVs, the government is taking action to address the three key barriers to EV adoption:

  • Price Premium – There is a price premium for electric vehicles compared to conventional gas-powered vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Incentive Program has been modernized with updated incentive values for eligible EVs and additional incentives for vehicles with a greater capacity to carpool. This will help make EVs more affordable to Ontarians.
  • The new Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, coupled with fuel savings, makes electric vehicles a real alternative for Ontario drivers.
  • Range Anxiety – A network of optimally distributed public fast-charging stations that enable EV drivers to travel between and within cities across the Province will help build confidence that EVs are a real choice for Ontarians. The Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) program will promote the use of EVs for inter- and in-city travel by supporting the construction of fast-charging infrastructure.
  • The EVCO program will further encourage Ontarians to purchase electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and keeping our air clean.
  • The Province is also continuing to provide incentives for the purchase and installation of private home or business charging equipment, under the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (EVCIP).
  • Education and Awareness – While electric vehicles have been available in Ontario since 2010, Ontarians are just starting to embrace the technology. Educating Ontarians and increasing their awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and programs to support their adoption is another way the Province is working to get more low- and zero-emissions vehicles on the road.


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