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With the summer swiftly zooming by let’s look at the most popular trends for the outdoor space renovation for this season. Chances are if you have just realized that you have outgrown your space and probably are thinking to upgrade it for the next season – now is the great time to get some ideas on deck design and deck railing systems.

It is true that for quite a few years making your backyard into extra entertaining space has been a popular trend and it only seems to grow stronger. The fast-paced lifestyle in Toronto along with ever-increasing commute time leaves very little time for outings during the week. But having your very own relaxing place where you can enjoy a quiet evening with friends or family. And the bonus is – why cooking boring dinner when you can have a BBQ!

If you have missed this summer – why not enjoy the next?

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018Enhance your outdoor living with these features:

Deck layout

The decks are growing bigger and often offer the added advantage of multiple levels organizing one big space into entertaining areas – a place for a bbq and table, a place to enjoy a conversation with a glass of wine, an outdoor living room if you will. The decks are incorporating steps, planters and even find a way to integrate fire pits.

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018Multiple types of paving

You will notice multiple types of paving – gravel, wood, flagstones, river rock, which really adds a lot of interest to even smaller backyards. On the plus side – the grass lawns become smaller, which means less lawn mowing for busy homeowners.

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018 AllOntarioDeck railings

Since the decks are growing bigger and offer multiple levels – you will see now that the boring old wood fence pickets are being replaced with solid or framed glass railing. The reason is very simple – to break up too much wood and to make space look better connected to the outdoors without creating a visual obstruction. The fact that it requires no maintenance, once installed comes as a welcome bonus.

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018Outdoor kitchen

It is not about whether to choose a Weber or a Napoleon anymore. The outdoor BBQ systems have become built in – complete with natural stone countertops, sinks, cabinets and dining sets that are as comfortable as your indoor ones. And indeed, when you enjoy cooking outdoors it makes it very inconvenient to run back and from the house for every little thing.

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018Water features

From little decorative ponds with koi fish to waterfalls, fountains, and swimming pools. It truly adds life to your outdoor space and helps build focal points around which all the other elements are organized. Coming home after work to a soothing trickling of water or better yet to take a dive in your own swimming pool – what could be more relaxing?

Outdoor Living Spaces - Top Trends Summer 2018Glass swimming pool enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures are a requirement and often they were added in a hurry as an afterthought, without much care for its look. The solid glass swimming pool enclosures came to replace that. They are no longer just an inspiration idea from a California interior magazine. In fact with growing demand, they have become more affordable, and if you consider that they do not require any maintenance once installed as they are not affected by rust or pool salt corrosion, they end up being quite worth the investment.

Bold lighting concepts

Lighting manufacturers now offer a bigger variety of outdoor lighting for any type of use – from chandeliers, garden lights, lamp posts, deck built-in lighting. It is easy to choose the right light for just about any entertaining area of your backyard. Don’t forget about summer outdoor light string curtains! The good news – a lot of them come with solar panels or use LED so your hydro bill will stay low.

We have successfully completed quite a bit of outdoor space projects this summer and are always looking forward to helping homeowners to realize their dreams when it comes to outdoor entertaining space.

Information provided by Kosta Railings.

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