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It’s no secret that we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Much of our daily hygiene needs are fulfilled in our bathrooms and the important task of expelling waste is no exception.

A concept often thrown around is that you spend a lot of time sleeping, therefore you should make sure your mattress is tailored explicitly to your needs. The same concept applies to the porcelain throne as well. It’s estimated that we spend around 92 days’ worth of time on the toilet over the course of our lifetime, wouldn’t you want to make sure you aren’t causing yourself any unwanted issues during all that time? You might be surprised, but picking out the right toilet seat actually is comparable to picking out the right mattress in a lot of ways.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what I mean:

Toilet Seat – Hard or Soft?

People have different preferences with their toilet seats, some prefer a completely solid perch while others don’t mind a little plushness to make the experience all the more comfortable. Toilet seats can come with cushions of varying hardness which helps to ensure you pick a seat your tush will appreciate each and every time. Consider your own personal preferences before making any decisions and make sure to check out all the toilet seat reviews you can before committing to any particular model. Yes, the internet has become so all-encompassing that we now have toilet seat reviews.

Does It Fit?

Toilets come in all shapes and sizes, but a few sizes are most common among the average toilets you’ll pick up at a hardware store. Any elongated toilet needs a seat able to cover the 18 ½’’ while most circular toilets need 16 ½’’ worth of coverage. A simple look at your toilet seat will be all you need to confirm which one you have. The elongated kind juts forward to provide more room for a man’s unmentionables while the circular kind doesn’t have that forward protrusion. An ill-fitting toilet seat makes for an uncomfortable experience and an irritating return process.

What Kind of Extras Do You Need?

While the toilet seat might seem like a fairly simple piece of bathroom hardware, they’ve actually become quite developed in recent years. For instance, we now have toilet seats that are referred to as soft-close toilet seats because they slow down the descent of the seat cover to avoid any loud slamming noises. Other relevant features worth looking for include a quick removal feature for easy cleaning or some quick-install features to make installing the toilet an affair that lasts all of five minutes in total. Be sure to shop around, you might be surprised with how advanced toilet seats can really be.


The whimsical world of bathroom technology never ceases to amaze me, and I’m thankful that somebody out there is looking out for our behinds and making new toilet seats that can further personalize our living spaces. You should be cognizant of the potential positive effect having the right toilet seat can have on your life. Such a seemingly small detail can make a world of difference when you remember just how much time you spend on the can.

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