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This portable active sitting device is a must to beat the lockdown blues and lack of exercising during this challenging time. It’s a healthy sitting device for a sedentary lifestyle that we are all living now because of the current emergency situation.

Staying indoors most of the time is a nightmare that all of a sudden has become a reality. Due to a lack of mobility, the risks of having more aches and pains, gaining weight and getting depressed are much higher.

The social isolation and the feeling of being locked in make me sick, out of mood … just crazy. That’s why I’ve got that amazing portable seat that alleviates my maladies and provides stress relief. That’s why you have to get it too.

Portable healthy sitting device for a sedentary lifestyle

Like the title says, this article is about ChairiderTM – a portable healthy sitting device for a sedentary lifestyle – a simple and easy solution on how to sit for 8-10 hours a day with benefits for your health and beauty.

Portable healthy sitting device for sedentary lifestyle - ChairiderLots of us have to sit at a desk, behind a wheel or in front of a screen for too long. And we all know that prolonged sitting can be very harmful. But we cannot afford to give up a steady income, can we? So, here is the way of turning dangerous passive sitting into healthy active sitting.

What is Active Sitting?

Speaking figuratively, with passive sitting you are like dough on a chair, and with active sitting – like mercury: your body is constantly in motion, even if it is almost invisible to the eye. Chairider just does it.

What is Chairider TM?

Chairider™ is a lightweight, portable, compact, comfortable, and convenient seat that transforms passive sitting into active sitting. It can be placed on virtually any traditional chair helping you to stay active wherever you are. You can also put it in your bag when you going on a business trip or just want to try something new for a few hours a day. Chairider™ can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

The Chairider™ innovative design

The Chairider design includes an original, patented mechanism that allows you to perform various types of movements while sitting in the chair, from barely visible micro movements to training exercises.

But don’t worry! Chairider is not a rodeo simulator; it won’t shake you up or try to throw you off. It will follow your natural movements, even as insignificant as reaching for a cup of coffee, which will be almost invisible to others.

Chairider comes in one size that fits for women and men of any age. It is suitable for children of 12 years old and over. There is no weight limit.

Portable healthy sitting device for sedentary lifestyle - ChairiderWho Chairider™ is designed for

Chairider is created for people who sit for long hours. It is also an easy and safe method of rehabilitation for any age and health condition. You can perform both light and heavy exercises (including athletic).

How this portable active sitting device works

When you sit on the Chairider, your body is on an unstable support. To maintain the balance, your vestibular apparatus reflexively activates a whole set of deep muscles of the back and pelvis – your core muscles. Balancing on Chairider reduces the stress on your spine and puts the core muscles of your body to work without noticing. It is exercising without realizing.

Our overall health and beauty depends on core muscles

The major muscles of the core reside in the area of the belly and the mid and lower back, and peripherally include the hips, the shoulders and the neck. To keep the spine upright and the internal organs in their places, core muscles perform a heavy static work. Our overall health and beauty largely depends on their tone.

Portable healthy sitting device for sedentary lifestyle - ChairiderIt’s hard to strengthen core muscles

However, a bad news is that it’s very difficult to strengthen core muscles to keep them healthy. You have to do specific and complex exercises regularly. Not every young person can perform these exercises, but for middle-aged and elderly people they often turn out to be simply unacceptable.

Also, don’t forget that you have to dedicate your time for exercising.

Chairider™ strengthens your core muscles while sitting

But there is a good news: core muscles are perhaps the only muscles in our body that can be strengthened simply by active sitting. It’s exactly what horse riding does. You don’t ride a horse? Not to worry! Get the Chairider!

Without any effort, unnoticeably for yourself and others, balancing on Chairider makes your core muscles strong and your body healthy.

Dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is a way of living with little or no physical activity.

Back in the early 70s of the last century, a person spending a great deal of time on the couch watching television was called couch potato.

Starting point of scientific research on sedentary lifestyle health risks

But only in 2005, James A. Levine, an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic, began research on the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle on human health by publishing an article in Science Magazine.

In parentheses, I’d like to say a few words about Mayo Clinic. Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic is an American academic medical center focused on integrated patient care, education, and research. It employs over 4,500 physicians and scientists, along with another 58,400 administrative and allied health staff. It spends over $660 million a year on research and has more than 3,800 PhDs and full-time research personnel.

“The chair is out to kill us,” says Doctor Levine

So, Levine’s conclusion was that any prolonged sitting can be harmful. He has even gone as far as labeling sitting for many hours a day as the disease of our time. “The chair is out to kill us,” says James Levine.

Today, we all know that sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to our health. It’s not unusual or novel. But what you may find really astonishing is the extent of havoc it is causing on our body.

Portable Active Sitting Device to Beat the Lack of Exercise AllOntarioLong list of sedentary lifestyle health risks

Only 15 years have passed since they began to systematically study the effects of sedentary lifestyles on human health, and the number of scientific studies has grown (and continues to grow) in an avalanche-like manner. And it’s not surprising, because the problem is too big, global, affecting many millions of people.

The World Health Organization has identified physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths a year globally.

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can contribute to or be a risk factor for:

  • Anxiety
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Migraines
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • High blood pressure
  • Mortality in adults
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Female diseases
  • Prostatitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Spinal disc herniation
  • Accelerated aging and some other health conditions

Chairider – the way to stay healthy while living a sedentary lifestyle

Portable healthy sitting device for sedentary lifestyle - ChairiderChairider – a revolutionary solution to a global problem

“Motion is Medicine.” Chairider offers an excellent opportunity to move while you sit, and from this all of its health benefits come.

What makes Chairider unique

What makes Chairider unique is that it allows you to improve your health while sitting:

  • Withoutanyefforts, nice and easy!
  • Without exercising!
  • Without dedicated for exercising time!
  • Without any restrictions on age, gender, or level of physical fitness!
  • Without attracting the attention of others!

Paradoxically but factually: you sit longer – you look younger – you feel better!

Like your office chair? There is no need to change it!

Chairider is a portable active sitting device which you can put on your favourite office chair (if it’s not too soft, though), on a kitchen chair or even take with you on your business trip.

Health benefits of active sitting

  • Improves posture and stimulates deep postural back muscles
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Reduces pressure on the inter-vertebral discs
  • Promotes blood circulation and metabolism
  • Reduces pain syndromes in the neck and back
  • Stimulates vital metabolism
  • Burns calories: the more you move the more calories you burn!

How to use this portable active sitting device

Using Chairider™ for the first time

  • You have to be considerate while using Chairider for the first time. Choose a chair with the armrests and place the Chairider seat in the middle of it.
  • Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, grasp the armrests and slowly sink into the seat keeping your feet on the floor.
  • Experience new active sitting environment carefully.
  • In 3-5 minutes your muscles will adapt to the balance seat.
  • Moving your feet together or bringing them under you, you can regulate the load on the muscles.
  • Similar to any athletic training, initially the new use will feel somewhat uncoordinated in the movements.

How long at a time?

Start using Chairider for 10-15 minutes during the day. Do not overdue it at the beginning: your core muscles can easily get exhausted at first and you might feel tired and uncomfortable.

In a few days you can extend the time as your core muscles grow stronger (it depends on the individual). In 2-3 weeks you can use it for 2-3 hours a day; then again, some may sit on it for the entire day.

Friendly tips

  • You can sit on Chairider as long as you like, when you completely got used to it. Just listen to your body; it is your best instructor.
  • Avoid too soft chairs because they reduce the movements.
  • If the chair under the Chairider™ balance seat is too slippery, cover it with a thin foamed fabric.
  • You can clean the seat with a squeezed wet sponge and soap (please note that discoloration caused by jeans or other textiles is excluded from any manufacturer’s warranty.)

Chairider™ is not a medical device

Chairider™ is not a medical device. It does not cancel or replace any recommendations of your family doctor or physician. If you have any health problems, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional before using Chairider™

How to get Chairider™

To buy a Chairider™ please visit or just send an email to

How much does Chairider™ cost?

The Chairider™ costs $217.00 US, including shipping.

Interview with the Chairider™ inventor

We agreed on a one-hour interview with Edward Gorouvein, the Chairider™ inventor, but we spent over three hours talking about his latest invention and how it reduces the health risks associated with prolonged sedentary work. He provided me with lots of information that has formed the basis of this article.

Edward is an engineer, researcher, inventor, and a founder of Amehi Group, a Toronto-based company specializing in new ground-breaking products.

To create his portable active sitting device, Edward used the latest achievements in medicine, ergonomics, biomechanics, and physiology. He took into account the opinions of scientists, doctors, chiropractors, athletes, and fitness instructors.

In fact, his invention has done much to break the mold of the traditional passive sitting. The result is an affordable healthy sitting solution that promotes optimal posture, reduces back pain, and encourages movement.

And now, a short story that triggered this article

An unexpected meeting with Ann, a friend of a friend, triggered this article and turned it into a real life story.

Ann is a full-time accountant in a large dealership and a single mother raising two kids. For an extra income, she also works at home by preparing tax returns and financial reports for businesses. Often, she has to sit at her desk for 10-12 hours a day. Talking about whether or not prolonged sitting harmful for her health has always been out of the question.

A couple of years ago I met Ann at my friend’s garden party: she looked tired and much older than she actually was. Under the influence of the moment, she complained to me about her health: the upcoming spinal surgery, high blood sugar and oppressive chronic fatigue. I could imagine her concern for the future, however, had nothing to say but wishing her the best.

Then was a relationship gap for a while.

Recently I met her again. Rejuvenated, refreshed, and energetic Ann. No operation was needed and sugar was normal! These amazing changes have occurred in just 5-6 months after the garden party! Only one thing remains as before: she still has to sit for many hours a day.

I was thrilled. But what impressed me most, is that I heard this words from a person I knew, not from a TV actor.

Naturally, I asked HOW?

Because the answer sounded too good and easy to be true, I started investigating and researching. The details you’ve seen above.

By Natalia Grytsan, PhD in Biology

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