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When remodeling or deciding on a brand new interior style for your new home, finding the best windows and doors may not always be easy. It’s even more disheartening to see the price quoted by the manufacturer go up twice or even more, as resellers and installers cash in their percentage. Why overpay? Get rid of the middle man, and use that saved up cash for a better purpose!

Find a Jack of All Trades

The real problem with purchasing industrial products is that the manufacturers are often specialized to perform only their primary function – manufacturing. Sometimes they don’t even want to sell their products themselves, and all their products go through resellers who add that nifty “added value” percentage to the cost. And when you have to consider the delivery and installation expenses, usually all provided by different companies, you’ll soon see the total costs skyrocket.

The solution – go factory direct. Find a factory that offers a wide range of service, from manufacturing to installing, and they’ll most certainly do it for lower prices. Ordering directly from the factory and getting their own workers to deliver and install your product is not only cheaper, but also much less hassle than dealing with 3 or 4 different companies.

Don’t Compromise Quality

In addition to overcharging you for services that you don’t necessarily need, resellers and installation companies often don’t know how to handle the products they’re buying from the factory. During the course of storage, handling, delivery and the installation itself, a variety of problems can occur. And you’re the one who suffers in this situation, with the best case scenario being that you lose “only” time waiting for a new product to be delivered.

No one knows better how to deliver and install your brand new windows than the company that manufactured them. It would make sense to entrust them with the careful delivery and assembly of your brand new smooth windows, doors or sunrooms, right? They’ll do it more professionally, quicker, and for lower prices, at the same time guaranteeing maximum quality and perfect service.

There is absolutely no need to overpay, hiring resellers, delivery guys and workers to install your brand new appliances. With more and more factories diversifying their range of service, it’s easier than ever to cut out the middle man and save a fortune!

The gains are impressive – you’ll be able to afford a better, more expensive products, while at the same time saving yourself lots of time and trouble, as you won’t have to deal with pesky salesmen or unqualified workers anymore. And, what’s most important, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the service and product you’re ordering, because if there’s anyone who knows how to handle and install their products, it’s the company that manufactured them.

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