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Researches have proved that music plays a significant role in uplifting the mood. Every individual has his or her preference for music. Listening to our favourite songs brings calmness and have a soothing effect on us. Music is known to have healing capabilities. But does the same effect holds true for babies in the mother’s womb?

The baby’s eye, ear, and nose can be seen by the beginning of the second trimester and by the end of the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby’s hearing abilities are fully developed. It is believed that from that time onward baby can hear sounds of the outer world like music, mother’s voice, etc.

Prenatal Music Therapy: The Effect on Unborn Babies AllOntarioEffect of music on Fetal Development

Various researches are being carried out to determine the effect of music on the development of the fetus. Results have proved that music lessons helped in improving fetal mental development, reflexes, movement, and responses. Some of the effects of prenatal music therapy are discussed below:

Music helps strengthen the bond with your unborn child

It is said that a baby responds to their mother’s touch during pregnancy and they also recognize that touch after delivery. Various scientific researches have proved that prenatal music therapy helps in strengthening the bond between the mother and her unborn baby. The concept of prenatal stimulation is used for such studies. In such studies, sounds like music or mother’s voice are used along with light, pressure, movement or vibrations is used to communicate with unborn baby in the mother’s womb. It has been found that both music, as well as singing, has a positive effect on the baby’s development. It has also been found that mother’s singing to their unborn babies as the chances of distortion is very less.

Music may help in fetal brain development

Various researches have been conducted to check the effect of music on fetal brain development. However, the tussle still exists regarding whether the fetus enjoys the sound of music or gets disturbed by it. Various studies prove that the unborn baby can hear the music and also reacts to it; however, researchers fail to decipher the meaning of those reactions. It has also been stated that listening to music or taking music lessons during pregnancy helps a mother in relaxing which is actually good for the baby.

Music will improve your unborn baby’s reflexes

When pregnant lady listens to music, the fetus hears the vibrations and reacts accordingly. Babies may even try to sync their movements with these vibrations. This will result in the improvement of reaction and reflexes in unborn babies and further helps in their overall development.

Music will shape your baby’s overall personality

It is believed that different kinds of music have different effects on unborn babies. It is believed that the kind of music pregnant lady listens to effects the overall personality of the baby. Listening to soothing and soft music during pregnancy may develop a calm personality in baby whereas listening to loud music may result in the development of some aggressive traits in the baby. However, researches are being carried out to prove the same.

Music will improve your unborn baby’s auditory senses

When pregnant lady listens to any kind of music or sings a song to her unborn child, the baby feel it in the form of sound waves. Unborn baby concentrates on these sound waves and vibrations and reacts accordingly. This helps in improving the auditory senses of the unborn baby.

Music eases pregnancy stress

Many pregnant ladies experience high-stress levels, anxiety, and depression during their pregnancy. Various studies have shown that listening to music help in reducing these stress levels and also have a calming effect on pregnant ladies.

How to use music during pregnancy?

Music is believed to have soothing and positive effects on the mother, as well as, the unborn child. However, certain things should be taken into consideration while listening to music during pregnancy.

Be careful about the sound level: it is advisable to keep the volume level between 50-60 decibel.

Unborn babies are quite sensitive to loud noises. Hence, prolonged exposure to loud noises might not be suitable for the baby.

Avoid listening to disturbing or chaotic music. It might not be good for the baby’s mental development. A good classical or soft and melodious music may be a good option.


Pregnancy turns out to be an important part of a woman’s life. The feeling of giving birth to a new life cannot be expressed in words. A pregnant lady can actually feel the connection with her unborn baby. It’s the connection which women cherish for her lifetime. A mother tries to give the best to her baby. Listening to good music or singing songs to your unborn child will help you in strengthening this bond. It also helps in the overall development of your baby. Pregnancy also gives you a chance to give time to your interests and hobbies. In case you love listening then this is the right time to go for music lessons.

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