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Here, we are pleased to provide you with information about national private foundations and Ontario private funds. You will definitely find some funding to help your organization to grow and make Ontario better place to live. Below, there is a list of foundations that provide with private grants and links to the sources and also information about grants that are available to you, who is eligible and how to apply for private grants.

National Private Foundations

Aboriginal Healing Foundation (Ottawa, ON)

Our mission is to encourage and support Aboriginal people in building and reinforcing sustainable healing processes that address the legacy of physical abuse and sexual abuse in the residential school system, including intergenerational impacts.

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (Burlington,ON)

Incorporated as a federal non-profit foundation in 1965, the principal function of the Foundation is to accept donations and legacies and to apply such monies exclusively to the benefit of animals. The foundation is interested in supporting, financially, projects and activities which will further the cause of animal welfare in Canada.

Breakfast for Learning, Canadian Living Foundation (North York, ON)

The mission of Breakfast for Learning is to ensure that every child goes to school well nourished and ready to learn. As the only national nonprofit organization whose sole mandate is to support child nutrition programs, Breakfast for Learning fosters parental involvement and community ownership in all of the programs we support.

Canada Foundation for Innovation (Ottawa, ON)

An independent corporation established by the federal government in 1997 to strengthen Canadian capability for research. The CFI will achieve this objective by committing funds over the next five years in the development of research infrastructure in Canada.

Canadian Million Dollar Round Table Charitable Foundation (Toronto, ON)

Awards grants annually to a variety of charities across Canada. Funded by top life insurance professionals, the foundation awards up to $5,000 per request to worthy charitable projects recommended by foundation members

Canadian Nurses Foundation (Ottawa, ON)

The only national charitable organization promoting health and patient care in Canada by fostering excellence in nursing through: nursing research grants, study awards for higher education and specialty certification, and financial support for other educational purposes.

Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) (Toronto, ON)

As Canada’s first and only national public foundation for women and girls, CWF has earned a reputation as an organization that is accessible to grass-roots women’s groups. CWF supports results-oriented solutions to the problems faced by women and girls.

Carthy Foundation (Calgary, AB)

Established in 1965, the Carthy Foundation is a private foundation that works to enhance the future prosperity of Canada by creating opportunities with, and providing education for young people.

Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon (Montreal, QC)

The foundation’s mission is to contribute to the development and improvement of families’ health through poverty and disease prevention, focused primarily on children and their parents.

Catherine Donnelly Foundation, The (Toronto, ON)

Seeks radical and creative ways of responding to the most urgent needs in society in the areas of housing initiatives, adult education initiatives, and environmental enhancement initiatives

Counselling Foundation of Canada (Toronto, ON)

The Foundation was formed to create and enrich counseling programs and improve the technical skills of counselors. The object of the Foundation is to engage in charitable and educational activities for the benefit of people; thus enabling them to improve their lifestyles and make a more effective contribution to their communities.

Donner Canadian Foundation (Toronto, ON)

Seeks to encourage individual responsibility and private initiative to help Canadians solve their social and economic problems. The founder, William Henry Donner (1864-1953), was an American industrialist and philanthropist, whose values are still reflected in the philosophy of the Foundation.

FACTOR (Toronto, ON)

The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Records (FACTOR) is a non profit foundation that provides funds for the Canadian recording industry. FACTOR is dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry. The foundation administers the contributions of 12 sponsoring broadcasters and seven of the eight components of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Sound Recording Development Program.

Forzani Group Foundation (Calgary, AB and Laval, PQ)

Provides financial support to other registered charities, Canadian amateur athletic associations and other qualified donees whose activities involve the promotion of physical fitness, health and wellness, the prevention and relief of sickness and disability, or the participation and education in sports across Canada

GlaxoSmithKline (Mississauga, ON)

The Glaxo Welcome Foundation is concerned with: the health and social well-being of our communities; the capacity of people to care for one another; the ability of people to manage their health and maintain their independence; and the opportunities to prevent problems before they arise. It focuses on health, social welfare and science education.

Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation (Toronto,ON)

Our desire is to make a difference in those communities where we have a significant presence. Our emphasis is on children and education, with about two-thirds of Imperial’s donations going to programs that enrich the lives of children under the umbrella of the Esso Kids Program.

Laidlaw Foundation (Toronto, ON)

Uses its human and financial resources in innovative ways to strengthen the environment for children, youth, and families, to enhance the opportunities for human development and creativity, and to sustain healthy communities and ecosystems. The Foundation is concentrating resources in three areas: youth engagement, performing arts, and environment.

Lawson Foundation (London, ON)

The foundation uses its human and financial resources in innovative ways to strengthen the environment for children, youth and families, to enhance opportunities for human development and creativity and to sustain healthy communities and ecosystems.

Leonard Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The foundation is a financial assistance program for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in a Canadian university or affiliated college.

Marie-Vincent Foundation (Verdun, QC)

The foundation’s mission is to prevent any situation of abuse and negligence of children under the age of twelve. It funds programs aimed at fighting child abuse and negligence. It also supports the education and social re-integration of victims as well as related projects and research into the sexual abuse of children.

Maytree Foundation(Toronto, ON)

A Canadian charitable foundation established in 1982, Maytree is active in funding projects that address wealth disparity and migration.

J.W. McConnell Family Foundation (Montreal, QC)

The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the ability of Canadians to understand, adapt, and respond creatively and effectively to the underlying forces which are transforming Canadian society and the world.

McLean Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The foundation makes grants in a wide range of areas, including arts, conservation, education, health and welfare. It maintains a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially lack broad public appeal.

T.R. Meighen Family Foundation (St. Andrews, NB)

The T.R. Meighen Family Foundation aims to encourage strategic and creative initiatives benefiting youth at risk in the province of New Brunswick, southern Ontario, and the Montreal area.

Metcalf Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The foundation focuses on three primary areas: the performing arts, the environment, and social services. However, it does occasionally support organizations with mandates outside of these focus areas.

Mounted Police Foundation (The) (Ottawa, ON)

By investing in community and youth development the MPF helps support RCMP community policing. It funds youth-based community groups in their efforts to support community policing and instilling national pride, ultimately creating safer communities.

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The Foundation will now focus its energies in three areas: educational programs; production of the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards; and Blueprint for the Future, a series of Aboriginal youth career fairs.

Richard Ivey Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The Foundation supports projects and organizations in Ontario or national projects that include Ontario. It does not fund projects occurring in other regions of the country or outside Canada. Guidelines vary with each of the granting programs: biodiversity in forest- dominated ecosystems; information technology in health care; general program.

Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities of Canada(Toronto, ON)

RMCC is committed to assisting organizations that are community oriented and focus on improving the quality of life for children and families of children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Salamander Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The Salamander Foundation currently has two areas of interest: arts and culture, and environmental health. The foundation’s purpose is to recognize the forms, functions and interactions of natural systems and to promote continuity and discovery in the arts and in culture.

SOCAN Foundation (Don Mills, ON)

An independent organization guided by a board which consists of composers, songwriters and music publishers. The SOCAN Foundation is dedicated to fostering musical creativity and promoting a better understanding of the role of these creators in today’s society. It also administers for SOCAN its granting programs which are aimed at encouraging performance opportunities for Canadian music creators.

Wildlife Habitat Canada (Ottawa, ON)

In partnership with Environment Canada, the revenues associated with the sale of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp are forwarded to WHC which in turn allocates funds toward exceptional wildlife habitat conservation programs across Canada. Over the past 15 years, WHC has contributed over $27 million through grant awards in support of hundreds of habitat conservation projects, programs, and associated partnerships across the country.

World Wildlife Fund Canada (Toronto, ON)

Through the Endangered Species Recovery Fund (ESRF) WWF-Canada sponsors high-priority conservation projects to assist the recovery and protection of endangered Canadian wildlife and their natural habitats

Zukerman Family Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The foundation was established in 1986 to honour the memory of Barry Zukerman, a successful member of the Canadian financial community. It provides support to a variety of registered charities across the country.


Alva Foundation (Toronto)

Established in 1965, the purpose of the foundation is to support Canadian organizations that help families in need and children at risk.

Chatham Kent Community Foundation (Chatham)

A nonprofit, charitable organization that oversees permanent endowment funds set up by members of the Chatham-Kent community and makes charitable grants to local organizations and charities

Change Foundation, The (Toronto)

Incorporated by the Ontario Hospital Association in 1995, the foundation was endowed with part of the proceeds of the sale of Blue Cross in 1996 with a mandate to promote, support and improve health and the delivery of health care through four activity areas: applied research and analysis; development program; education; and grants to charities.

Community Foundation of Greater Kingston (Kingston)

The foundation is dedicated to enhancing and strengthening the quality of life in the Kingston, Ontario, area. It offers opportunities to concerned and caring citizens to give something back to the community which has nurtured them.

Good Foundation (Waterloo)

The object of the foundation is to make grants for charitable, religious, and educational purposes. It makes grants in the areas of arts, education, health, heritage, and social services.

HOPE (Volleyball) Foundation (Toronto)

A public foundation that raises funds and awareness for local charities that have a particular need and do not receive significant funding from government or other foundations. The application window for 2006 Funding Applications is July 1st – September 10th, 2005.

Junior League of Toronto (Toronto)

A women’s organization that strives to be the organization of choice for voluntarism and community partnership by educating and training members to be effective leaders and volunteers, researching changing community needs and then developing or expanding direct service projects or programs to meet those needs, and providing trained volunteers, administrative guidance, and financial support to community services.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation (Waterloo)

The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation improves the quality of life in Kitchener-Waterloo and area, now and for generations to come, by building community endowment, addressing needs through grant making, and providing leadership on key community issues.

London (ON) Community Foundation (London)

Makes grants to organizations in London and Middlesex, to enhance the quality of life. It solicits and accepts charitable gifts for the purpose of establishing and building permanent endowment funds.

Lupina Foundation (Toronto)

A private, charitable foundation established in April 2000 to support research and innovation related to health and society issues.

Masonic Foundation of Ontario (Hamilton)

The Foundation is committed to funding bursaries, hearing research, drug and substance abuse education in the school systems, and other specific and community projects which fall within its guidelines.

Niagara Community Foundation (St. Catharines)

The foundation serves the people of the Niagara Peninsula by building permanently endowed charitable funds for the changing needs and opportunities of the community, making grants, and providing leadership that contributes to the health and vitality of the community.

Ontario Arts Foundation (Toronto, ON)

The foundation holds over 270 endowments established by individuals, foundations, corporations and arts organizations. It has assets of more than $40 million and disburses over $2 million in support of the arts in Ontario each year.

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