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There are lots of reasons why most of the businesses integrate their email marketing efforts with Instagram. One significant reason is that it increases the chances of getting more users to sign up on the email list as Instagram marketing and its useful features and tools helps them to gain more followers.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email Marketing AllOntarioWith a carefully designed content that is appealing and interesting they can entice their users, for all good reasons, to sign up on their email list. This will enable them to:

  • Increase their customer database
  • Let them know about the latest promotions and offers individually
  • Ensure that they reach out to each of their customers for sure as the messages will end up in the inboxes of individual customers and
  • Ensure that all their messages are seen because emails have a better open rate than any other forms of messages.

As it is, email marketing is the most productive and cost-effective marketing process requiring very little investment. With the incorporation of Instagram with it, you can make it all the more cost-effective ensuring that you get a high return on your investment.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email Marketing AllOntarioFavored but not easy process

Since all businesses look for a better return and revenue, such integration of the two forms of marketing is therefore is the favored and most popular practice among the business owners.

However, making such and integration and getting the desired results may not be as easy as it seems. You will need to know and follow the best practices for that matter. If you are new to Instagram, you may find it a bit difficult to make the perfect blend.

Wrong integration or processes followed will not provide the results and it will also result in losses in all forms possible such as:

  • Economical loss
  • Loss in followers
  • Loss of efforts and time and most importantly
  • Loss of your business reputation.

Therefore, if you are not sure how to get the best results, not incur any loss and make the best possible integration, you should take the help of the experts. They will guide you through the entire process of integrating email and Instagram marketing and also provide the necessary technical and operational support and guidance.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email MarketingCreate a content calendar

It is only when you post on Instagram on a consistent basis you will be able to stay on top of the mind for your users. This is the best possible way to gain more followers and drive more engagement. Similarly, in email marketing, sending email messages to your clients on a regular basis will help you to keep them well informed about the latest happening in your business scene.

Therefore, whether it is a new product launch or for a discount offer, an upcoming event or any other. Posting on a regular basis is in both these forms of marketing is extremely important. In order to ensure that you do so you should create a content calendar. This kind of ‘timetable’ will help you to:

  • Have a plan looking at the future
  • Have all the things you want to communicate ready and
  • Post them at the best possible times so that it reaches to the audiences intended for sure.

For example, if you are planning to run a special promo during the holidays, you should post just a couple of days before the holidays start and continue posting till the last day of the promotional offer is made.

You will be better off if you front load a set of contents. This will make it a lot easier for you to get those posts out at the times when it is most reasonable and effective.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email Marketing AllOntarioUsing hashtags wisely

Since gaining more followers is the primary objective in Instagram marketing that will in turn help you to gain a lot of benefits in your email marketing, the best way to do so is to use the hashtag to its optimal level.

In Instagram, hashtags can be your real friend though initially, you may feel that these are an unnecessary addition to your posts. However, there is no doubt that, hashtags are extremely helpful to people as:

  • It helps them to find their niche online with whom they can communicate and build a relationship and
  • It also helps them to understand how well their brands have been able to expand their reach with the use of it on Instagram.

Instagram is a platform where every single company of the world in this modern day and time seems to have a presence. It is for this reason you are required to create something that is very important and specific to the identity of your brand, personality of it and at the same time will convey the message that your brand wants to communicate to them.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email Marketing AllOntarioDrive more sales

Following these best approaches, you will find that it is comparatively easy for your brand to encourage your fans to post on Instagram using that hashtag. That essentially means that you are helping your community to go viral with your post without you having to do all the hard work.

This will bring in more followers who will also be interested to visit your site and thereby increasing the traffic. If you can provide them with clear and compelling content and raise their interest then they will surely click on the call to action button, find the email sign up form and furnish all the details that you want from them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Make sure that you do not ask them to go through a long and boring process to sign up. Keep the number of fields to the minimum, often two to three, so that the users simply do not look away simply because the process to sign up was too long.

Proven Ways for Driving Sales through Instagram and Email Marketing AllOntarioSigning out

To sum up, it can be said that if you can only inspire a movement among the people telling them how your product can bring the most amount of benefits to the maximum number of people, it will trigger an email sigh-up spree in them.

By Walter Moore

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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