Reasons to Purchase Sauna Kits from Dream Sauna

Sauna Kits for the GTA Home Owners

Dream Sauna offers the best quality sauna kits that can be customized according to the clients’ requirements. You can select any type that perfectly complements your needs and help you in improving your health. You can even order a custom kit by sending your desired materials and designs so as you receive all the benefits you wish. Being a professional company, Dream Sauna can utilize every possible resource to produce results as you want.

We have a wide range of material sauna kits that are capable of working in any situation. If you need to derive health benefits, just visit our company and see how you will be privileged with your demands. Our sauna kits normally include hardware, equipment, lumber and accessories with a lot more things to do. Our kits can be used for both residential and commercial reasons so don’t hesitate to place your request. We provide heating units with guarantee of offering high quality services.

Our products are verified and satisfy the mandatory requirements as mentioned by UL, CE and CSA. We have a fully operational and stable sales team that facilitates customers in getting the best value for their money. All you have to do is to give a call and ask for any sort of service you want. You can also contact our experts to mutually come up with a customized kit. If you don’t have enough knowledge about their construction, we can help you in learning about its mechanics.

When you contact us and going to place an order, our experts will explain the packages we have in order to assist you in knowing the best material with measurements to go with. Apart from this, here are more reasons of choose Dream Sauna:

  • Each of our packages is provided with a 1”x4” tongue and groove (T&G). They do not have any joint, made with high material and are strong enough to increase insulation and strength.
  • Dream Sauna’s packages have sturdy benches that move on two tiers. They are properly sanded and therefore, offer smooth surface for the users to comfortably sit or lie on it.
  • If you are ordering sauna kits from us, be sure of getting a door with windows, frames, necessary hardware and casing.
  • We have separate customized packages where you will be given chances to construct a kit based on your configuration. You can add a cedar duckboard floor in front of the sauna bench.
  • With our package, you will be able to enjoy aluminum foil vapor which is created to be used with the walls and ceiling.
  • Sauna lights are also provided that are actually vapor proof and last for a long time period.

Other characteristics to consider while making a decision are a step-by-step owner manual with matching accessories (such as thermometer, ladle and bucket) and images and standard heater with controls.

So, Dream Sauna recommends you to make a good decision based on your requirements. Always select the type of sauna that not only satisfies your needs but will also be an affordable choice to go with.

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