Canadian economy is growing and reaching the new heights from year to year. But due to the aging population, and lower birth rate, the government of Canada is looking to attract more skilled professionals, as in fact in some areas of Canada, there are shortages of labor. Unemployment rate has reached its record lows, staying at firm 5.7% average in the past few years.

Unlike the immigration programs in the past, Canada focuses now on attracting the skilled workers and professionals. Immigration Canada wants to make sure that its new residents will be able to settle and adjust to life in Canada, which to a big extent means finding jobs that will offer a comfortable living for them and their families.

That is why for professionals Read Seal Certification is an important step towards finding a job in Canada, getting work visa and potentially apply for permanent resident status.

  • Certain immigration streams offer advantages to the candidates with red seal certificates
  • Choose the province where your services are paid higher
  • Enjoy flexibility of place of residence
  • Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island immigration programs are accepting candidates with red seal certificate without a job offer from an employer.

In order to get the Red Seal certification you will be required need to take Red Seal Examination.

Red Seal Certification - New Opportunities for Immigration to CanadaAt the Examination you will be required to answer 100 to 150 multiple choice questions which you will be required to answer in the time frame of about 4 hours.

The questions will vary from the industry specific, application of calculation often required in your trade, to general questions testing your problem solving skills. The final score is calculated by the computer and the threshold is 70%. In order to pass the test you have to be physically present in Canada, it can not be done remotely. If required, you may be accompanied by the interpreter to the exam.

The organization conducting the Red Seal Certification is called the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) with the provinces and territories participating as its members.

Red Seal Certification is accepted anywhere in Canada and ensures that your level of qualification meets the requirements of the industry and you are job-ready. So if the industry you are planning to find employment in Canada is regulated by certification system getting the Red Seal Certification is a logical step that opens up a lot of opportunities and helps to settle in Canada successfully.

If you have any questions about Red Seal Certification and need assistance in application or preparation for the test contact Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd.

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