Reena Green’s Fashions

Reena Green’s Fashions

It was surprisingly wonderful to see pearl drops sitting atop lilies of the valley, the blue turquoise of forget-me-nots, or the red of coral luxurious roses; you feel the warmth and the brightness of summer in your heart. Like Gerda, you were, all of a sudden, in the old woman’s beautiful garden of eternal summer, from the Snow Queen Fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

For the whole evening, this magic sensation accompanied everybody who was so fortunate to obtain tickets for the ReenaGreenOriginalFashionandGemstones Show held on November at the Meron Banquet Hall. The gemstone exhibition, in all imaginable forms and colours of the rainbow, however, was just an introduction. The real wonder started when, one by one, live flowers began entering the runway.

Ornate and classical at the same time, Reena Green’s fashions had a distinct historic flavour, with an abundance of textural elements from the epoch gone by; ruffles and corsets, garlands, trimmings, beadings, embroidery, and ornamental appliqué complimented each other to create a treasured masterpiece of harmonious proportions and feminine silhouette. Especially for this show, Reena Green designed and made about 60 ensembles – many of them with her own hands.

Beginning about 8 years ago, Reena Green’s desire to become a fashion and jewellery designer was impetuous. Holding a Master’s Degree in Economics, she could not imagine herself working professionally in the fashion industry. Even as a girl living in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, Reena managed to create stunning fashion designs from her mom’s old dresses and jewellery, from clay, and paint it in ancient Egyptian manner.

No one, however, including herself, took her designs seriously. Later, as an adult, she followed her husband, a businessman, to Thailand.

Exotic golden pagodas, magnolia petals on the streets, colourful, shiny, and never before seen fabrics, and a rainbow of natural stones inspired Reena to create something as beautiful as the fairy tale environment that surrounded her for many years. Reena later relocated to Canada – a country of unlimited opportunities.

Reena is a woman of sweet and kind personality. Her favourite colour is green. Yes, green, just like her pseudonym. She has two wonderful kids and a beloved husband who shows constant support and provides a shoulder to cry on in hard times. Reena’s hands are always busily working on a new idea in her workshop which is located in the basement of her house.

Recently, Reena has opened a jewellery-box like showroom in Richmond Hill at 60 WestWilmotStreet, Unit 14. For anyone who is considering or planning a wedding or other special event, visiting and talking to Reena is an absolute must!

Let the magical touch of Reena Green reveal your inner beauty, erase years from your life, and turn you into the woman of refinement and chic – the woman you truly deserve to be.
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