Doing Business – Respecting privacy and avoiding complaints

Doing Business - Respecting privacy and avoiding complaints

As we continue the migration to a more digital economy, Canadians’ concerns about privacy are on the rise. This makes it all the more important for businesses to protect personal customer and client information.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) conducts a biannual public opinion survey of Canadians to gauge their privacy concerns. Our most recent survey found that:

  • 66% are very concerned about the protection of their privacy
  • 71% said protecting personal information will be among Canada’s most important issues for the next decade (up from 62% just four years ago)

In the current environment, no business wants to be branded as being anything less than respectful of customer and client privacy. This makes it all the more crucial to take proactive steps to ensure compliance with, and avoid being the subject of a complaint under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or PIPEDA.

To help businesses achieve this objective and increase both compliance with PIPEDA and respect for privacy, our Office has developed a new fact sheet: Ten tips for avoiding complaints to the OPC.

It’s a short and easy-to-read document that outlines some of the main privacy issues that Canadians bring to the attention of our Office, and which frequently lead to formal complaints.

It also points to a number of steps any business can take while linking to other useful resources designed to help you raise your privacy game, and avoid the weight of a complaint and the negative attention it could bring.

These tips can serve as a first step, or a refresher, on your business’s road to developing best practices to protect personal information under its care.


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