With a huge selection of scheduled flights offered by Toronto Travel agency Altair Travel, you can take off to any corner of the world. Search online for cheap regular flights by time, destination or carrier. You can book a scheduled flight to Canada, United States or any international destinations online, by phone or in person. If you want to have a seat on one of the world’s longest non-stop scheduled flights that lasts 15 hr 30 min from Toronto to Hong Kong by Air Canada – with Altair Travel you’ll get it! The latest in the travel industry search tool allows you to find and book hundreds of scheduled flights and charter flights worldwide. You can access information up to one year in advance.

Scheduled Flights from Toronto to … Everywhere

Top Destinations for Scheduled Flights

Whether you are looking for air ticket to the Caribbean, United States, Europe, Asia or anywhere within Canada, Altair Travel offers cheap regular flights as well as the best charter flight deals. The only thing you have to do is to choose where and when to fly.

Cheap Flights within Canada

Looking for a cheap flight to anywhere in Canada? Altair Travel has it! It’s easy to find great cheap flight deals to any Canadian city right here! Search online for the best domestic flights, charter flights or scheduled flights, as well as business or economy class flights to the Canadian destination you need.

Cheap Flights to Europe

Because Europe is at the centre of the land hemisphere, the flights from the largest North American cities to Europe are not among the longest ones. Altair Travel has got you covered with the most affordable scheduled flights to Europe. You can find the biggest selection of cheap flights to Europe with the easy-to-use search tool. Book your Vacation Packages to Europe and cheap flights to Europe today!

Scheduled Flights from Toronto to Europe

Cheap Flights to United States

When it comes to cheap flights to New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis …any destination in United States, Altair Travel has you covered. Whether you are traveling for business or taking your kids to the Disneyland, we have huge array of cheap flight deals to United States. We offer best prices for airline tickets to the most dazzling spots on the USA’s map. Search the options you need, book the best airfare now and take off on the date you have chosen.

Scheduled Flights from Toronto to United States

Cheap Flights to Eastern Europe and Israel

Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine … Wherever and whenever you want to go, Altair Travel will help you get there! Just search, choose, book and fly!

Depart from a nearby US city and save

Flying worldwide from United States can be more affordable. So, if you live within driving distance of Buffalo, Detroit or Seattle, you could save by purchasing airfare departing from a nearby US city. You can also book a hotel near the airport and receive exclusive savings and parking discounts.


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