People Who Share a Passion and Interest for Drones

Skynex Global Drones, also known as “Skynex Industrial Drones”, is the first and foremost group of people who share a common passion and interest for drones, and who enjoy discussing and sharing their specialized knowledge and expertise of drones and the drone industry with other people.

Since its inception on 09-11-2017, Skynex Global Drones has and continues to grow its presence and influence in online and offline business communities. Today, Skynex can be found connecting with likeminded people on a wide range of mainstream social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as on local or global niche industry community forums.

To continue doing what we at Skynex Drones enjoy doing the most means doing good business with good people that support us and what we do. This, in turn, depends on our ability to provide our members with effective and reliable drone solutions. Drone solutions offered through Skynex are carefully selected based on their unique features and characteristics, as well as on their perceived ability to respond to the commercial and industrial needs of businesses operating in a technologically advanced and interconnected global economy.

Skynex Drones at a Glance

Helping You Find the Right Drone Solution, for the Right Purpose

Drones: 3 Main Industry Sectors

In hopes of alleviating some of the difficulties and challenges involved in finding the right commercial or industrial drone solutions, Skynex Industrial Drones has developed a clear and well-organized taxonomy that seeks to guide its customers through the drone investment funnel in a seamless manner. At present, Skynex customers can explore commercial and industrial drones for sale by using three main drone industry categories, or two main primary drone functionalities.

The three main drone industry categories are:

  1. commercial drones for sale
  2. industrial drones for sale
  3. public agency drones for sale.

2 Main Drone Functionalities

The two primary drone functionalities are:

  1. inspection drones for sale
  2. mapping and surveying drones for sale.

Each of the aforementioned industry categories are further divided into subcategories of commercial or industrial activities.

Readily Available Expert Support

If the Skynex navigation menu isn’t enough, a Skynex Drones expert is always readily available to help you find the right commercial or industrial drone solution, for the right purpose.

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