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Software industry is one with the fastest expansion in developing markets. Most of the software solutions contain certain elements of intellectual property. These intellectual property elements are almost always a key condition to the success in business. If the software is distributed to the clients, inevitably software protection has to be used.

Software Protection Service: Laptop and Mobile Code Protection, Android NDK, iOS, C Obfuscation

Most of intellectual property is implemented in the form of know-how algorithms that are very sensitive by definition. Your competitors will consider these as the target number one.

The common technology to access the sensitive software internals is reverse engineering. Therefore reverse engineering protection in one or another form is required.

There is a number of different intellectual property protection solutions for Windows. However mobile application development still suffers from lack of tools for code and data obfuscation. Though Android offers perfect Java environment, often one needs native code execution for different reasons, e.g. performance or code reuse. This is where Android NDK comes into play and this is where Android NDK code protection is required. Apple iOS is another primary example of native code execution on mobile platforms. Copy protection is handled by the OS itself (assuming no jailbreaking is applied). However the intellectual property issue still remains completely untouched. Objective C/C++ obfuscator is required.

We offer Morpher – a compiler driven obfuscation solution for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++.

We have 3 key benefits to offer:

  1. You will get a seamless integration into your build chain because we offer an industrial solution which is currently working on dozens of medium and large scale businesses on many operating systems (such as Google Android or Apple iOS) and different environments.
  2. You will save your “know-how” algorithms from reverse engineering because we provide the highest possible level of obfuscation by combining scientifically and empirically proven techniques in carefully chosen combinations.
  3. Your application will not run slower as we minimize the impact on performance and size by precise and sharp application of obfuscation techniques on specified pieces of code only.

Main features


  1. Compiles your C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ source code using sophisticated code obfuscation technologies.
  2. Obfuscation engine is based on industry-standard C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ compiler.
  3. Seamlessly integrates into your build-chain.
  4. Huge number of OSes and Architectures supported.

Code obfuscation

  1. Big number of code obfuscation methods supported.
  2. Code obfuscation algorithms can be combined in arbitrary combinations.
  3. Obfuscation is highly configurable and can be applied on per-function basis.
  4. Opaque predicate insertion algorithm is a NP-complete problem to remove.
  5. All code obfuscation methods require non-trivial time-consuming technically difficult reverse transformations to create.

For more information or software evaluation request please do not hesitate to contact us via our website

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