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I believe that nowadays almost all of us know someone who speaks the Mandarin language since it becomes more and more popular. Mandarin is not as hard as it seems, and it comes in very handy in your professional career. But there are more fascinating facts about this Chinese dialect. If you want to know more, stick with us as we’re presenting some interesting facts about the Mandarin language.

Some Interesting Facts about the Mandarin LanguageWhy Is It Called Mandarin?

First things first, we should clear the fog formed around the Mandarin language. Why Mandarin and not Chinese? Well, Mandarin is Chinese, but it’s a dialect. But why is it called Mandarin?

If you search the web, you’ll notice that it has its roots in the Portuguese word “mandarim,” which eventually comes from the word “mantrin,” which means in our terms “minister or counselor.”

But what does that means, right? Well, it actually means “speech of officials.” Quite a fancy definition we have here. To make further sense, Mandarin is also a simplified form of Chinese, which makes Chinese more approachable, so the “officials” can communicate easier.

Most Popular Chinese Dialect

While Chinese has more dialects, Mandarin is the official Chinese language for quite some time. For that reason, it is only natural for this dialect to become so popular all over the world.

Uses Four Different Tones

Tones are probably the most essential aspect of this language, so remember that it has four tones and an additional neutral one.

Mandarin Has No Alphabets

As weird as it may sound because we are accustomed to a language to have a logical alphabet, Mandarin is the exception to this rule. Mandarin Works on Chinese symbols and their number is in constant growth.

As of why there’s no alphabet? Well, it’s because it works on the oldest writing system, symbols, which, if you think about it, can be more representative than our words in communication.

Some Interesting Facts about the Mandarin LanguageIt Has Over 1 Billion Speakers

Mandarin has reached over one billion speakers all over the world, but who knows what the actual numbers are because many of us can learn this language on our own. But if you think about it, this already means that 15% of the people on this planet speak this language, which speaks volumes to me.

It’s the Dominant form of Chinese in China

Chinese is an ancient language, and it has several dialects. But because Mandarin is nothing else than a simplified version of Chinese, well, it becomes the dominant dialect in China, and it’s sort of the official language. Even the best essay writing service is the world has many Mandarin language professionals because of the impressive demand.

The Fastest Growing Language in the World

People all over the world, even in the smallest countries, are starting to learn this peculiar language. Most people are discovering it because China is one of the most powerful countries in the world, economically speaking.

And Mandarin is kind of the official dialect in China. For that reason, there are lots of advantages that come with knowing Mandarin.

It Unlocks a Different Part of Your Brain

Probably the most controversial fact about the Mandarin language is that it unlocks a different part of your brain, which means that it makes one smarter. But how is that so? It’s actually simple if you think about it.

Learning Mandarin implies using your left and right brain at the same time because of the symbols and different tones it requires to know.

Some Interesting Facts about the Mandarin LanguageIt Has One of the Easiest Grammar

Because we’re not accustomed to learning a language based on symbols, grammar can be a little scary. But actually, it is even easier than most languages. Therefore, if English grammar was a piece of cake for you, then Mandarin grammar is a real kid play.

Mandarin is 1000 Years Old

While Chinese was formed, 4000 years ago, Mandarin started to take shape 1000 years ago. Not so old if you think about it. But that’s precisely what’s fascinating about it. Mandarin is a relatively new version of Chinese, and so many people are learning it today.

Is the Official Language in 3 Countries

Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia, probably because of their close relationship with China, now have their official language Mandarin.


Mandarin is famous for many reasons, as you can see, and that’s why it’s the most used language all over the world. China has significant economic power, and for this reason, speaking this Chinese dialect will come with substantial benefits in your life. But even more than that, I believe that it is incredible how learning Mandarin can improve your brain’s cognition.

By Justin Osborne


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