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A recent study reveals that in 2020 there would be more than 2.87 billion smartphone users in the world. The figure is entirely believable since virtually everyone you encounter nowadays seems to be glued to his or her smartphone 24×7. According to, an American adult is spending an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes daily on mobile devices, which for the first time will exceed the time spent before the TV. Even though a smartphone is invariably smarter than its users, there are some really smart things that you can do to make your life easier with a smartphone:

Some of the Best Uses to Which Smart People Can Put Their SmartphoneAccess Information on Demand 

What makes the smartphone smart is its ability to connect to the internet for a variety of uses. One of the most common uses of a smartphone is to access information on the go without the restriction of a desktop and a fixed data line. Both news and views are available to address any query you may have through mobile search apps. You can as easily keep yourself updated on the latest football scores as the cost of an airline ticket to Timbuktu or even the quickest route to your home after a long and tiring day at work. There is no end to the questions a curious mind can ask but they can all be addressed with the help of a smartphone. While it is not a good idea to tell your boss that he’s talking bunk, smartphones come in handy to settle heated arguments among friends.

Some of the Best Uses to Which Smart People Can Put Their Smartphone AllOntarioJust Point and Shoot

One of the best things that happened to a mobile phone is the addition of a camera, which has completely revolutionized the concept of amateur photography. The ease with which you can click on the go, edit the photos, and post them on your social media accounts is simply unbelievable considering the enormous hassle that you had to take just a few years ago even with dedicated digital cameras. With smartphone sporting as many as three lenses at the back, even high-resolution photography has become so very easy. There are even people shooting entire movies and editing them to achieve a pro finish on smartphones. Now by using your smartphone, you can shoot whatever strikes your fancy or requirement. You can scan an important document with the smartphone camera as easily as take a few selfies.

Financial Management 

With the smartphone, you can not only access your bank accounts online but also use them to pay bills and credit card dues. There are several apps that you can download to get a grip on preparing budgets so that you can stay out of a debt trap caused by the indiscriminate use of credit cards and a carefree lifestyle. If you already have run up a lot of debt, you can use one of the several debt management apps to get on top of your debt and rid yourself of stress. Using your smartphone, you can easily apply for debt consolidation loans from a reputed private lender like There are plenty of personal finance apps that you can use to save and manage your investment portfolio effectively to achieve your financial objective.

Navigate To Your Destination without Fuss 

When you are in a new place or even want to know the fastest route between two points in your city, it can be difficult to refer to the old-fashioned paper maps provided you could get hold of one quickly, especially when you are on the go. Of course, you can always buy a separate GPS device with a built-in map but that is one extra device for you to carry and remember to charge regularly. Instead, you can refer to the navigation app that all smartphones have to get access to the details of the various access routes, including a very handy voice assistant that guides you turn by turn to your destination. All you need to do is to feed in your destination and the app figures out the best way of getting there from your location that is senses automatically, after factoring in road closures and traffic congestion.

Some of the Best Uses to Which Smart People Can Put Their SmartphoneUse Social Media 

Social media is all the rage nowadays with 3.48 billion users globally in 2019. Of this population, the number of people using social media on their mobile phones is 3.26 billion, according to a study reported by Regardless of whether you want to stay connected with your friends on Facebook, impress your followers with outstanding photos on Instagram, or simply network professionally on LinkedIn, using the mobile phone is perhaps the most convenient way of being social. Businesses also have latched on the huge potential of marketing to niche audiences on social media and today over 90% of businesses in America use social media to reach out to their target audiences.

Some of the Best Uses to Which Smart People Can Put Their Smartphone AllOntarioEmail and Messaging 

Email remains a firm favorite with people to connect but with the advent of smartphones, you no longer have to remain tied to a desktop to be able to send or receive emails. Smartphones have also made text communication far easier than before – apart from the conventional SMS that never fails to deliver, you can use many messaging apps to stay connected to the rest of the world.


Even though it may seem silly to the uninitiated, smartphones today can be a complete entertainment system. You can watch TV online or movies that you have downloaded or through streaming media services like Netflix, or use your smartphone as an mp3 player to listen to music. You can even download e-readers and read all your favorite books and magazines. With the screen size of many smartphones becoming quite big, you may even decide to replace your Kindle or Nook e-reading devices in favor of the phone. Of course, if you are addicted to gaming, then waiting for someone to arrive or the daily commute to and from work will not seem boring at all.


As is evident, you can get a lot more out of life with a smartphone. It is many devices rolled into one so apart from the relief of not having to buy and manage multiple devices, you can make your life easier with all the conveniences available at your fingertips.

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