Special Needs Remodeling
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When a family member has a disability, it is paramount to us to make sure they have it as easy as it possibly can be to navigate through their own home. It is hard enough getting around in public transit and on the streets without having to struggle on the way from the bedroom to the kitchen as well.

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If you are looking into small or large scale special need remodeling, you aprobaly already know that it is something you will need professionals for. True, some things can be done by yourself, but the majority of work involves home modifications that require special tools, knowledge and experience.

In this article we will describe the modifications that people often require to accommodate a home to the special needs of a person.

The handicapped washroom or bathroom is probably the one feature that is a 100% must in most cases, and understandably so. To use the washroom in dignity is a measure of independence that is important to grant the person who has mobility problems. The special needs remodeling of the bathroom revolves around two main guiding principles:

  1. Space, and
  2. Accessibility

Space, in general, means that a wheelchair should be able to fit in through the doorway and inside. Being able to swivel around without getting up is essential to the feeling of freedom that the person should experience when inside. Backing out of washrooms is difficult and frustrating and should be avoided if possible.

The second principle means that once inside, the disabled person should have no problem reaching shelves, towels, shampoo bottles and use the toilet seat and shower head. With the increased risk of slipping and falling, the shower should be planned meticulously to provide bolted down bars for secure handholds reachable from the wheelchair bound sitting position.

Hallways and doorways also often require special needs remodeling. The two principles described above and and should apply here as well. Narrow hallways with thick carpets are a source of problems and doors that open inward can also be a serious impediment.

Stairwells and front porches have to have disabled access with ramps and possibly movator lifts for the whole wheelchair to be mounted on and carried between storeys. This is an expense that some may decide to avoid by moving to a single storey home, but it can turn out to be cheaper than you think, especially if you are doing other special needs remodeling around the house and the price will be calculated as a bulk purchase.

In addition to those more common options there are other custom modifications that will make your home more comfortable to someone with a disability. Those include touchless light switches, car ramps and garage access, non slip floors and intercom systems.

Visit a professional home builder and renovation expert to ensure you get the right quality of works that will make your loved one feel at home in their home again, while ensuring their safety. Don’t settle for less than perfect and ask about bulk prices and deals. This need is not yours alone, it is ours as a society and Reno Experts are here to help you solve it.

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