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Speed Enforcement Cameras across the City of Toronto in community safety zones, near schools, are coming soon.

Focusing on increasing safety and change drivers attitude about speeding, the installation of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) systems has begun. Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras are devices that capture images of vehicles going over the speed limit permitted at any specific road.

Speed Cameras near schools across Toronto are coming soonAfter the image is taken, a Provincial Offences Officer will revise the picture and, if satisfied, will issue a ticket to the lawful owner of the vehicle, no matter if other driver was in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence.

As requested by the Province, there will be a 90 days warning period and “Coming Soon” advisory signs will be posted at the new deployment site.

An interactive map of all Speed Enforcement Cameras locations in Toronto will be available in January 2020.

According to the Toronto municipal authorities,

“Locations were selected through a data-driven approach that considers speed and collision data. The systems have been placed in Community Safety Zones near schools.

50 ASE systems have been installed to ensure an even distribution of two systems per ward. These systems are mobile and it is anticipated they will rotate every three to six months within the ward. This provides an opportunity to address a greater number of areas with safety concerns and provide a wider-ranging deterrent effect.”

Warning Letters

“Warning letters will be issued to the registered owners of offending vehicles for the first three months of the program. This is part of the City’s education campaign to inform residents about the new program and the implications of speeding. During this period, no fines will be issued. Responses to the warning letters will not be required.”

Fines & Penalties

“Following the educational campaign, if a vehicle is found exceeding the speed limit the registered owner of the vehicle receives a ticket, regardless of who was driving the vehicle. No demerit points will be issued nor will the registered owners driving record be impacted.”


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