Steps to Secure Your Home from Mold

Steps to Secure Your Home from Mold
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Mold is the bane of many homeowners’ lives. Especially for people who live in humid areas, it is a recurring nightmare that is all but impossible to get rid of.

Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the cost of eliminating mold. Most insurance providers classify mold removal as a cleaning activity.

If you catch it early, you can easily remove mold by cleaning the affected area with a solution of bleach and water. However, the real challenge lies in obviating the need to use bleach repeatedly.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent mold from taking root. First and foremost, reduce the humidity. Install some inexpensive dehumidifiers in rooms which frequently get moldy – this one step may be enough to prevent any future mold trouble.

Damp bathrooms and kitchens are usually excellent breeding grounds for mold, so install a pair of exhaust fans there. Next, check under your houseplants. Most homeowners don’t realize that water can accumulate under houseplants, which causes mold.

Hoses and water pipes should be replaced at least twice every decade since they degrade over time. This will cost you approximately ten dollars. Pipe replacement will greatly reduce the possibility you’ll get water damage or mold in your house.

If the above methods don’t work, you can go the chemical way. Regularly clean damp bathrooms using bleach. Mix mold inhibitor with paint when you decide to apply a new coat.

If your house has been affected by flooding or water damage recently, hunt for any pools of stagnant water and remove them immediately. Stagnant water quickly turns into a breeding ground for malignant micro-organisms and insects.

The best way to avoid mold in your house is to contact the professionals. Avoid the drudgery of looking for the problem, cleaning, looking for solutions – we at ANA contracting have everything ready. In fact, we’ll make it our mission to solve your problem while disrupting your day-to-day lifestyle as little as possible.

Call us for a quick consultation, and we’ll make sure you enjoy a mold-free existence, and do not forget to rate us on

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