Stretch Ceiling


Many in Canada still have not heard of this material, but new immigrants from Europe often have. It has several distinct advantages over other materials used to finish ceilings.

Unlike drywall (Gypsum Wall Board or GWB), stretch ceiling does not have seams that require taping, mudding, sanding, or finishing of any kind. It never needs to be painted, and it never cracks, bubbles, peels, grows mould or mildew, or absorbs odours. Compared to dropped acoustic ceiling tiles, it is not prone to staining, but it can be used to cover acoustic ceiling tiles and these can fit into an existing dropped ceiling framework. We can also cover independently suspended panels cut to any size or shape you wish. Unlike a stucco finish, stretch ceiling is perfectly smooth, non-porous, and asbestos free.


Stretch ceiling is an acoustic attenuator, so it dampens unwanted noise. It seals in a layer of non-moving air, so it provides thermal insulation. It has anti-static properties that repel dust and other particulates that can aggravate allergies. It stops vapours and odours, so it can be used to prevent their travel from one part of your home to another.


Stretch ceiling is impervious to water

Water pipes often travel in the space between a home’s roof and the top floor ceiling, or between the upper floor and the lower floor ceiling. When these pipes leak or burst, water soaks through the ceiling, which breaks, and then soaks everything below. Not so if the ceiling is a stretch ceiling. Stretch ceiling is impervious to water, and can hold up to 100 litres of water on a 1 square metre surface. You will find out a leak is present by the visible bulge in your ceiling and likely the sound of water. We detach the edge of the ceiling from its wall track, and excess water can be siphoned off or removed with a wet/dry vac. Any debris that has landed on the ceiling can be wiped off before it’s reattached, and we may need to warm it a bit (as we do during installation), but in the end, it returns to its original perfectly smooth shape, and everything below has been protected from water damage!


Stretch ceiling comes in over 280 non-fading colours and textures

But I’ve been saving for last. You have to see it to believe it. Our stretch ceiling comes in over 280 non-fading colours and textures from matte to high gloss. It can be digitally printed with any high resolution image or graphic, and it can be wrapped around curves, corners, and multiple levels. We have translucent membrane available as well, so it can be used to diffuse lighting (usually LED), and this can be combined with printed images that the light shines through to create amazing effects!


Stretch ceiling can be used to increase the value of your Toronto home

With all these options, stretch ceiling can be used to increase the value of a home that you wish to sell, and it is also more economical to install in a new build than other ceiling options. There is no need for a drywall ceiling to be present, but if there is an existing ceiling, there is no need to remove it. Stretch ceiling installation lowers the overall height of the room by less than one inch, unless you choose to lower it further. Stretch ceiling is perfect for humid places like cottages, swimming pool areas, porch and awning undersides. We have even installed it as outdoor signage, as it does not fade in sunlight.


Can Stretch Ceiling Technology be applicable for walls?

Can this material be used on walls? Yes. Around columns? Yes. On floors? No, we don’t recommend that. It can be vulnerable to sharp blades and objects, so you may choose to place it behind glass if using it as a kitchen backsplash. It can be used as a tub or a shower surround with caulking around the edges, and we can add that during our installation service.

About LAQFOIL, Toronto

Located in Toronto, Laqfoil is North America’s leading manufacturer of Stretch Ceilings and technologically related products. Professionally trained and certified Laqfoil dealers can be found in major North American centres, and our growing international network has quadrupled since 2010, including 27 Stretch Ceiling technology providers serving countries in Northern Europe and the Middle East.

Home owners, architects, designers, builders, investors, and corporations use our elegant ceiling and wall products to beautify and modernize their interiors.

We are proud to include in our customer list the prestigious commercial brands:

  • Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto
  • Best Western Hotels
  • SportChek, Imperial Blades
  • SOFA
  • Remax Real Estate
  • Spring Sushi
  • The Taylor Group
  • Air Canada Centre
  • Modern Golf
  • the Home Design Expo Center
  • and many others

We offer an incredibly varied selection of colours and finishes, and a vast variety of printed options in our Stretch Ceiling and wall products. Our services include turn-key design, production, delivery, and installation of our strong, light, and durable products that come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Laqfoil products are soundproof, flame, water, mould, and fungus resistant, that save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of homes and businesses.

Laqfoil Stretch Ceilings has completed over 230 residential and 140 commercial projects, and delivered over 280,000 sq. ft. of Stretch Ceiling and wall printed covers with our exclusive non-allergenic, non-flammable, waterproof, modified polyvinyl-based materials.

Our products are safe and fully certified under the National Building Codes of Canada and the U.S., and widely used in both, residential as well as commercial applications.

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