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Every now and again, there comes a product that revolutionizes entire markets and industries. The stretch ceiling is such a product. It literally stretches what you can do with a ceiling to new and exciting possibilities. It changes the world of interior design, lighting and ceiling/wall finishing entirely.

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The stretch ceiling is essentially a track attached to the room’s perimeter walls close to the concrete ceiling above, and a lightweight stretch fabric suspended from this track. This same system can be applied to walls, used as light diffusers, in free floating panels, exhibition stands and more. This versatility of the medium is what makes it truly unique and innovative.

This system is easy to combine and interconnect with most existing lighting systems, creating unique color, light and shadow patterns that are nearly impossible to manifest using more traditional means.

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Each type of application (fabric, PVC, backlit, mural etc.) has its advantages, but here are just a few of the primary ones from this long list.


When finishing a basement or an industrial space, the stretch ceiling solves the timeframes problem. The amount of time and work it takes to install is absolutely negligible compared to the more elaborate traditional approach involving paint or a paneled suspended ceiling. Each of those will take weeks to complete. A stretch ceiling will take days. This is primarily because the print and prep work is all done in advance. All the company needs to do is up and suspend it. And time is money, after all.


With stretch ceilings and murals coming out of a print house, the level of expression you can get is absolutely astonishing. The optional combination of print and lighting expands those possibilities further still, producing masterpieces with the ease of a simple installation process. The result can be a combination of a ceiling mural with amazing cloud patterns, which lights up with the flick of a switch turning into a starry night gently illuminating your living room, home theater or child’s bedroom.


When you move, one of the things that are hardest to part with are fixtures of the home you can’t take with you. Murals and painted ceilings are one such things. A stretch ceiling will present some difficulty fitting to a new place but the crucial thing here is that you can actually take it with you. The lightweight fabric or film is easy to remove, roll up and pack with the rest of the things when you move your home or restaurant to a new location.

After years of it being exceedingly popular in Europe, Canada finally welcomes stretch ceilings and they are becoming a popular feature of our homes and businesses. So welcome to the world of new interior design with stretch ceilings – one where the ceiling moves up and gives you the sky.

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