Supporting Canadian small businesses

Supporting Canadian small businesses

Harper Government continues to promote policies that create jobs and help grow the economy.

Industry Minister James Moore today announced that the Government is streamlining radio, spectrum and satellite licensing and equipment certification. These changes will support future innovation and investment by small businesses in the Canadian telecommunications market.

Starting today, a new single-licence approach for large systems of satellite earth stations is in effect. This change alone is expected to save the satellite services industry at least $1 million annually. Coupled with other changes introduced by the Government since 2006, the total annual savings to radio, spectrum and satellite users will be approximately $10 million.

Today’s announcement also supports the government’s Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, which aims to grow the economy by removing unnecessary paperwork and cutting regulatory fees.

Canadian consumers will continue to benefit from the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan as companies reduce the time and costs involved in launching new products and services.

Quick facts

  • Since 2006, licensing and certification-related fees have been reduced, saving businesses $10 million annually, and the regulatory paper burden has been reduced by 10 percent.
  • A new satellite licensing fee regime will be implemented in 2016. This approach is expected to save satellite operators $5 million annually.
  • Changes to the fee regime for radio licences have been implemented. These changes have reduced fees for virtually all licences by approximately $3 million annually.
  • Since 2006, the Government has reduced other fees and administrative costs by approximately $1 million annually in addition to the $1 million in savings from today’s announcement.

April 10, 2015 – Ottawa – Industry Canada


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