Taking Action on Bee Mortalities


Ontario Government Creating Cross-Industry Working Group: Ontario is bringing together a group of experts to provide advice on how to prevent bee mortalities.

The Bee Health Working Group will be comprised of beekeepers, farmers, agri-business representatives, scientists, and staff from both federal and provincial government agencies. Drawing on a broad range of expertise, the working group will provide recommendations on how to mitigate the potential risk to honey bees from exposure to neonicotinoid — a pesticide used for corn and soybeans.

The working group will meet for the first time this month and provide its recommendations by spring 2014.

Supporting the province’s agri-businesses while protecting the environment is part of the Ontario government’s plan to create a fair and prosperous society.

Quick Facts

  • Three thousand registered beekeepers manage approximately 100,000 honey bee colonies in Ontario. Honey production contributes $25 million to the province’s economy.
  • The Ontario government is also working with the University of Guelph on research projects to support the health of bees and other pollinators.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food, July 9, 2013

Source: http://news.ontario.ca/omafra/en/2013/07/taking-action-on-bee-mortalities.html

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