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Ceilings Worth Looking At… is the Talissa’s Décor slogan. And it’s exactly to the point, just “look at”:

Nowhere in Toronto and the GTA you can find such an overwhelming selection of 3D ceiling and wall tiles: faux leather, elegant polystyrene white, replicas of antique copper, tin, plaster, metal or wood … Honestly, the variety of designs and finishes is second to none. No matter if your project is residential or commercial, Talissa’s Décor 3D ceiling and wall tiles can be used for both.

Let’s make a short summary:

  • Glue-Up or Drop In PVC Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles come in any plain color, metallic (copper, gold, silver) or antique finish. They can be glued directly to the ceiling or used to re-surface existing plain drop ceiling tiles. With them, any room will look completely new and exciting.
  • 3D Wall panels – relatively new trend in home décor that becomes very popular in North America. If you need to stage your home for fast sale, you cannot find better solution: it is modern, simple and economical decorating material that can be installed quickly and painted in any color to complement interior.

I’d like you to pay special attention to the ultimately unusual products – 3D Faux Leather Panels. They are beautifully made and mimic the look and feel of real leather very closely. When installed, they create amazing large-scale three-dimensional walls and ceilings. These panels can be used to form accent walls, custom headboards, backgrounds for TVs … whatever you can come up with.

3D wall panels for your interior design and decor project

3D faux leather panels:

  • Available in various colors, texture and patterns
  • All sides and corners are impeccably finished and do not require any trim to be installed to complete the look
  • Can be installed permanently on the wall or as temporary modular panels
  • Have soundproofing qualities
  • More practical than wall papers
  • Much easier to install compared to ceramic or pressed paper three 3D wall panels

3D embossed ceilings and walls tiles are stunning, fast and affordable solutions for your renovation or decoration projects. It’s absolutely wonderful for preparing your property for sale or to re-fresh the interior you are getting tired of. Even you can do it yourself and safe twice – on product and labour!

Interior Design and Décor Projects with 3D Ceiling Tiles and 3D Wall Panels

Many residential and commercial interior design projects have been done using 3D ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels from Talissa Décor, just mention a few:

One of the most recent projects – Firkin and Fiddle Pub in Cambridge


The Balkan Grill used both the 3D Talissa’s Decor ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels


Elite Royal Restaurant (Mississauga) – the ceiling was finished using Antique Gold tiles

 Below there are two pictures showing two Hindu Temples in Toronto:

Drake – a night club in San Francisco – the decorators created a huge accent wall with faux tin ceiling tiles:

The Business Owner

Each and every successful business owner that I know or heard about loves what he (or she) does. Vlad Nagolya is not an exception. Vlad enjoys his business: it’s nice, it’s fun, and it’s great! He emotionally invests in what he is working on. Although, success is not guaranteed with emotional investment, but failure pretty much is. Out of his business Vlad gets enormous personal satisfaction and according to him this is one of the most important things. It is the sum of what he puts into his business. On Friday night he doesn’t feel excitement due to the working week is over, and every Monday is a happy day.

Vlad truly believes that no one person can build a successful business alone. It is a task that requires a team: employees, family members, friends, suppliers, sub-contractors, business associations, and of course – customers.

Although, the ability to multitask is a common trait shared by successful entrepreneurs, Vlad always limits the number of hats he can wear. He knows what his team members are good at and what tasks to delegate to them.

Most Vlad learned about business, he learned with practice. He found out that one of the greatest myths was that if your product is great the masses will beat a path to your door to buy it. But how can this happen if no one knows who you are, what you sell and why they should buy? So, like it or not, you just don’t have a choice but to become a self-promoter, simply because the shortest way to success is the right marketing.

Vlad considers a good reputation is one of the business owner’s most tangible assets. That is something you cannot buy, but can only earn by honoring your promises: if you promise to get the product to your client by Wednesday, you have no excuse not to deliver it there. Consistency is the other key factor: if you cannot come through with the same high level of service and products on a regular basis, your customers will have no reason to trust you … and without trust you will never have a good reputation.

How It Is All Started

Having a diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management, Vlad came to Canada in 2001, and the story of many newcomers has been repeated: non-stop sending resumes without any results. Nobody wanted a manager without Canadian experience and fluent English. The only chance to survive was to be a construction worker. His country fellows, who already settled here, offered him a job in his language-comfortable environment. Not thinking twice, Vlad warmly refused this kind offer and took a challenge of improving his English while making a living in a pure Canadian company. In a couple of years he became a carpenter and actually liked making something with his own hands.

Time was passing by but nothing has dramatically changed: get up in the morning, go to work, come back home; get up in the morning, go to work, come back home… For Vlad, this routine became like catch 22. Often, late at night when everyone was asleep he was searching the Internet for fresh decorative solutions for the renovation projects he was working on, but mainly for business ideas, for something that he would like to do for his entire life.

For a while Vlad was watching his friend selling products online on EBay. Back then, in 2005, EBay was the hottest ecommerce company. Inspired, he learned how to sell online for commissions. Vlad still remembers the day of his first sale of $1,200 via his EBay store … Then there were three years working from the basement, searching for the new suppliers and new products. He had to learn on the job how to run a business, how to market it, and how to build relationship with customers and suppliers.

Now the company have a showroom and two warehouses (one in Toronto, one in California) and by the end of the summer of 2015 the new showroom will be opened in a newly build home improvement center called Improve Canada.

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